Moronic musings of the village idiot!

The moronic musings of the village idiot.

A selection of the funniest and dumbest writings of P Holmes of One Animal World, the “qualified, educated professional” behind multiple animal-related petitions who is also a nefarious cyber-stalker and hacker.

Really, Poo Holmes needs to prosecuted and held accountable for her lies. We realize this is the only thing of interest in her boring, tiresome life. However, her allegations really will get her into some very hot water!

P Holmes streaming zoo porn link + stalking + hacking?

P Holmes of One Animal World, behind various animal-related petitions apparently subscribes to streaming zoo porn, hacks into computers, bullies and cyberstalks people online and pretends she is the innocent!

No, the truth is out there for everyone to see. If you don’t believe us, start your own investigation into the horrendous, duplicitous modus operandi utilized by the self-professed pagans!