Orangutan *still* waiting for new enclosure promised by Rebecca Rodriguez of One Animal World!

The world is still waiting for the ACCOUNTABILITY of 2 fundraisers organized by Rebecca A. Rodriguez of One Animal World.

In 2017 Rodriguez had several fundraisers on the go for various “animal beneficiaries” and “projects”.

Rodriguez promised to help an orphaned Orangutan named Mikey (Mikail) caged at Kandi Zoo in Sumatra.

He STILL languishes in a tiny cage yet Rodriguez fundraised for his new enclosure! Well, almost 3 years later he’s still waiting!

Unscrupulous, dishonest, deceptive and misleading!

The Sun Bears are *still* waiting for their new enclosure promised to them by Rebecca Rodriguez of One Animal World!

The additional 2 Sun Bears identified in Rebecca Rodriguez of One Animal World’s giant GoFundMe fundraiser are still waiting for their new enclosure or rehabilitation back into the wild. Rodriguez specifically named and identified these 2 Sun Bears who a year later, are still waiting for the proferred assistance.

Mysteriously, $65000 was given by the public for the animals. How is it that none of them received $1 or even a banana from all this money!

Liars! Thieves! Cons! Scam!

Absolutely disgusting that people rip off the public using animals! There are legitimate, authentic animal warriors out there, fighting for animals who wouldn’t dream of scamming the public out of money raised to help specific animals!

P Holmes : Bully, cyber-stalker, harasser, intimidator, terrorististic and liar?! Simply Diabolical!

Monstrous cyberstalking, harassment, bullying and criminal online impersonation along with terroristic tactics to incite fear and harm to individuals who have questioned all of Rebecca Rodriguez and Poo Holmes’ outrageous and dishonest petiton and GoFundMe fundraiser.

Why serial stalk and harass people for simply asking questions? Surely any legitimate and honest organization would glady answer very important questions about all the fundraisers being run? And where the money has mysteriously disappeared to?

Why spend time (years) and resources on stalking people when all you have to do is be honest, open and transparent?

Pressure campaigns work!

Pressure campaigns forcing Rebecca A. Rodriguez of One Animal World to fulfil her promises and objectives in her GoFundMe campaign which netted her $65000 USD, tax-free are paying off.

However, her antics and actions and “professionalism” and “expertise” is questioned when “fulfilling” her promises ie sending English books into a remote area in Sumatra where English is not understood, written or spoken.

Modus operandi

Pay attention to the modus operandi utilized by Rebecca Rodriguez, Alycia Barlow and Poo Holmes to raise funds “for animals” somewhere in the “world” and what is really going on!

Don’t forget http://www.oneanimalworld.com are the experts on world-wide animal issues and all animals.

You better believe it!

Rebecca Rodriguez + Marison Guciano : What, who, where and why?

Do you really know who is behind that animal welfare organization? Do you really know who you are donating for and to?

Explore the wonderful world of Rebecca Rodriguez, Alycia Barlow, P Ooi Holmes, Tracey Kleber and Marison Guciano.

Who? What? Where? When? How?