We are a watchdog group for animals.
We focus on, and include, exposing animal cruelty, fake organizations fleecing money from the public meant for animals, the lies and deception perpetrated by greedy animal scammers/”charities”  – who in turn fund their lifestyles.
In 2016 we started to focus on a particular American individual due to her outrageous, dishonest behavior – operating countless fundraisers – after which donations disappeared and the animals she alleged she was helping suddenly became unimportant. The funds are quite simply missing and the animals?  The animals never benefit in any way, including the specifically identified beneficiaries that she herself elected to help. 
We uncovered an alarming pattern of behavior.  We revealed that the unsuspecting public did not donate to fund her multiple, international holidays with her best friend.  They did not donate to cover film production costs.  They did not donate to purchase expensive equipment or pay a mortgage!
Rebecca A. Rodriguez has been using the animals to raise funds for purported “animal projects” around the world for over 30 years! We have investigated these fundraisers and uncovered a very worrying modus operandi.  Somehow, every single time Rebecca A. Rodriguez of One Animal World aka Animal Time (TV) and now Cook Vegan for Me, disappears with the money and the animals are left with nothing. We ask that you directly contact the organizations and people who have been used by Rodriguez to further her own self-promotion.  Like Bandung Zoo.  Like Kandi Zoo.  Like Scorpion Wildlife Trading Group.  Like Adams County Pet Rescue.
We have analyzed her distinct pattern of behavior with her co-conspirators Alycia Barlow, Pohyee Ooi Holmes, Tracey Kleber and Marison Guciano.
  • Most recently Rebecca A. Rodriguez raised $65000 for the supposed “starving Sun Bears of Bandung Zoo”. We have confirmation that Rodriguez knew prior to the fundraiser that the sun bears were not starving and had never been starving!  She still went ahead with the fundraiser.  The donations are still missing 2 years later.
  • Rodriguez then opened another GoFundMe Campaign in 2017 to raise funds for an Orangutan named Mikey living in a cage in at Kandi Zoo in Sumatra.  Again the donations are missing.  To this day that same Orangutan that Rodriguez professed to care about is STILL confined to a substandard cage! 
  • In 2014 Rodriguez became involved in “rebuilding an animal shelther” at Adams County Pet Rescue in Othello, Washington.  $125,000 unaccounted for and left behind a plethora of problems.
  • Approximately 6 years ago she tried to raise funds via Patreon as “Animal Centric” and wanted you to pay her $1500 per month because she “loved animals”.
  • She then had a fundraiser for “Barks of Hope” for the pets left behind after Hurricane Katrina in Puerto Rico.  Alarmingly in her fundraiser she asked that donations be paid directly into her own business account “RebRod LLC”. 
  • She then had a fundraiser ostensibly for some dogs in a shelter in Fasano Italy.  We exposed that because once again, there was absolutely no clarity as to what proportion of donations would actually be spent on helping the dogs and what proportion was going for “film production costs”.
  • She then, with her galpal Alycia Barlow, traveled to Mexico, Bali, Puerto Rico, Germany, Italy and Greece which coincided nicely with the missing donations given for the Sun Bears of Bandung Zoo.  $52,000 missing from that campaign.  All mysteriously disappeared.  And what did they do then?
  • Created another fundraiser to produce a series on “animal heroes across the world” titled “Lights, Camera, Animals”.  The footage of which was captured on their extensive holidays across the world funded by Bandung Zoo’s donations.  We exposed that too and it was quickly shut down.
  • Next, she has evolved into a vegan cooking show guru.  Having a very tarnished reputation in the animal welfare arena, Rodriguez and her partner Tracey Kleber have created a pilot episode on “cooking vegan in full-meat restaurants”.  It’s called “Cook Vegan For Me” and once again, they are hoping to sell it onto a major television network.  Rodriguez is desperate for funds you see.
She has various accomplices we have identified.  Dr Dan Allen, Miguel Abi-Hassan, Alycia Barlow, Tracey Kleber and her side-kick and fangirl Pohyee Ooi Holmes who  is behind the dishonest, misleading, fraudulent petitions on Change.org and Care2.org to get the Indonesian President, Joko Widodo, to shut down Bandung Zoo due to the “conditions” she has conjured up.  We have analyzed these petitions and they are fraught with dishonest claims, irregularities and just plain made up rubbish! 
Holmes should be behind bars for her outright lying about Indonesia and the Indonesian people and there is an arrest warrant issued in Indonesia for Rebecca A. Rodriguez!  These people are being investigated by FBI and Internal Revenue Service and other prominent law enforcement agencies.

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