Part 3 : Nami Kim orders 69 dogs put to death.

The unravelling of the lies and deception regarding the rescue of dogs from Korean dog markets by alleged animal activist Nami Kim of Save Korean Dogs. Some killed by the Vet, still more sold back to the butchers at the market to be boiled alive, blow torched alive, beaten, forced to drink cement and eaten! Not all is as it seems. Just another utter betrayal of animals for money. There can be nothing said or done that can undo these reprehensible actions! RIP sweet innocent babies! Gone but never forgotten by the true animal heroes and animal lovers around the world!

Who is Pohyee Ooi Holmes of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania?

Who is the qualified, educated expert on animals of Indonesia?

Um, well, there isn’t such a person but Pohyee Ooi Holmes of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania believes she IS an “expert”!

In her own delusional mind she’s an “expert”! In real life? Unfortunately, Poo Holmes is nobody! Shhhh!

Poor Bandung Zoo and Cee4Life supporters are bearing the brunt of Poo’s slanderous and highly defamatory and insane content via petition.

Thanks to her outlandish behavior and irrational and insane, slanderous rantings, Holmes is about to go to prison. She just doesn’t know it yet.

How does Rebecca Rodriguez explain her on-going continued support of a mass-murderer/hunter?

How does alleged animal advocate and activist Rebecca Rodriguez of One Animal World / Animal House International/ Animal Time TV justify her support of Bob Parsons the founder of who is an avid hunter and loves murdering innocent animals for fun and sport!

Rodriguez has over the years and continues to support the GoDaddy brand with hundreds of domain registrations and hosting options!

GoDaddy is synonymous with BIG GAME HUNTING.

How can she claim she’s a legitimate, authentic animal advocate all the while supporting a murdering HUNTER????


Much loved and respected President Joko Widodo of Indonesia will never respond or acknowledge the 2 fraudsters who have driven a hate-filled campaign of abuse against Bandung Zoo, the animals of Indonesia and the people of Indonesia, along with several affiliates working tirelessly to upgrade and improve the zoo for the benefit of the animals. Con-woman Rebecca A. Rodriguez raised $65000 USD using imagery and video taken in 2016 of alleged “starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo”. Bandung Zoo reported Rodriguez to Authorities and she is actively being sought by Indonesian Police.