Who is P Ooi Holmes of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania?

Who is the qualified, educated expert on animals of Indonesia? Um, well, there isn't such a person but Pohyee Ooi Holmes of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania believes she IS an "expert"! In her own mind she's an "expert"! In real life? Unfortunately, Poo Holmes is nobody! Shhhh! Poor Bandung Zoo and Cee4Life supporters are bearing the brunt of Poo's slanderous and highly defamatory content via Change.org petition. She has used these platforms as her private psychiatric toilet and personal slag/hate blog. Highly unprofessional and absolutely laughable! Holmes is about to go to prison. She just doesn't know it yet.

The full story of Rebecca A. Rodriguez’s history of attempting to fleece donations from the public!”

Rebecca Rodriguez has tried for MANY YEARS to get the public to donate their hard earned cash to fund her lifestyle and dreams of being on TV and becoming rich and famous! Demand that your donations be refunded! The money was never for the sun bears, will never reach the sun bears and is going to fund as many TV episodes and documentaries featuring Rebecca and her friends!

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