Truth! It’s the new hate speech!

Truth has become the new “hate speech” according to Rebecca Rodriguez of Animal Time TV.

She has viciously attacked, maligned, slandered, abused, terrorized and threatened the people who have monitored her GoFundMe and the petition both simply for asking questions about her goals, plans, objectives and intentions.

All the people who have dared to expose Rodriguez after analyzing all her lies are apparently now guilty of “hate speech” and “cyberstalking”!

When you raise money from the public they are ENTITLED to ask questions about every single thing you write or claim. It’s called ACCOUNTABILITY!!!

Exactly how is it that innocent people have had their names put out there as animal abusers and stalkers for holding Rodriguez and Holmes accountable????

After raising $65000 for an “Indonesia mission” for the “starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo”, “animals of Bandung Zoo”, Mikey the orphaned Orangutan who needed a new enclosure and Tegan and Bedhu, 2 sun bears who were in a dire predicament, Rodriguez simply closed the GoFundMe fundraiser, donated note 1 cent to any named beneficiary, squandered the majority of the money on international holidays for herself and her best friend Alycia Barlow to exotic locations – Indonesia, Puerto Rico, Italy and Greece.

She now, surprise surprise, with yet more, new company names and new LLC registrations, is asking the public to donate yet more money to “help animals”.

Previous behavior is a good predictor of future behavior.

Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, shame on you.

Fool me once, shame on you! Fool me twice, shame on me!

Rebecca Rodriguez of now newly registered Animal Time LLC is asking you to donate yet again to one of her projects!

Animal Time LLC is owned by none other than Rodriguez herself thus you are donating to a pie in the sky entity with zero accountability and zero redress.

After raising $65000 for “animals of Indonesia” and donating not $1, she is asking you to fund her “new project” wherein she gets to pocket HALF THE MONEY DONATED directly to her!

You are being treated like idiots!

It’s One Animal World. It’s Animal Time TV. It’s Animal House International. It’s Animal House TV. It’s Lucky Head Films. It’s ………………………… No more!!!!

BAMBOOZLED : The Art of Deception

The art of bamboozling people has been perfected by none other than Rebecca Rodriguez who walked off with $65000 donated by the public to help the animals named in Rodriguez’s fundraiser!

Every excuse under the sun as to why the animals never received even 1 dime.

The truth is the money has been spent on “identifying other projects” with her best friend Alycia Barlow.

This is the real reason there will be no public accounting of the money raised unless it’s subpoenaed by law enforcement or a lawyer. This is in the works.

Please don’t support the work of Rebecca Rodriguez of One Animal World, Animal Time TV, Animal House International without gaining clarity about her projects.

Read every single word very carefully before you decide to donate your hard-earned money!

Be aware of donating to projects that don’t exist or were completed already several months ago!!!

Envious. Greedy. Blind ignorance.

Rebecca Rodriguez, forever the victim of some scenario, alleges the people who have questioned her work, her campaign and her history are trolls who purposefully set out to minimize the work of legitimate animal advocates. Therein lies the key. LEGITIMATE.

Rodriguez, despite all her claims, writings, movies and films is not a true, legitimate, authentic animal advocate.

If she was, we would all have the answers about her GoFundMe campaign and the disbursement of over $65000!!!

To this very day Rebecca Rodriguez refuses to publish any accounting records. If she’s legitimate and honest, ask yourself WHY?

It’s not others who are envious and greedy! By her very own actions it is clear who is envious and greedy and who is guilty of blind ignorance.

Please, please investigate any person or oganizations fundraising for and on behalf of animals. It’s your hard-earned money, you have every right to demand where and how it’s being utilized! No more silence!

Just be honest! How hard can it be?

Rebecca Rodriguez of One Animal World / Animal House International / Animal Time TV has raised $65000 under false pretences. None of the animals named as beneficiaries in her fundraiser ever received any help whatsoever. THINK ABOUT THAT! $65000 raised but ZERO given to any named beneficiary!!!

The starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo? Zero! Mikail the Orphaned Orangutan at Kandi Wildlife Park? Zero! Sun Bears Tegan and Bedhu and Jogja? Zero!

It’s all just a giant ploy to manipulate the public into donating for projects that don’t even exist! Or projects that were completed 7 months ago!

Honesty is the best policy. Honesty is not a word in Rodrigeuz’s vocabulary.

Part 3 : Nami Kim orders 69 dogs put to death.

The unravelling of the lies and deception regarding the rescue of dogs from Korean dog markets by alleged animal activist Nami Kim of Save Korean Dogs. Some killed by the Vet, still more sold back to the butchers at the market to be boiled alive, blow torched alive, beaten, forced to drink cement and eaten! Not all is as it seems. Just another utter betrayal of animals for money. There can be nothing said or done that can undo these reprehensible actions! RIP sweet innocent babies! Gone but never forgotten by the true animal heroes and animal lovers around the world!

ANIMAL TIME TV – It’s “evolved”!

Animal Time TV mishmashed with One Animal World to fundraise for projects already completed, projects Rebecca Rodriguez is not involved with, projects that will never occur.

It’s outrageous and it’s a pattern spanning 29+ years.

The starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo are still being used to garner funds. Mikail the orphaned Orangutan at Kandi Wildlife Park is still being used to garner funds. The 150 dogs of Fasano Italy are still being used to garner funds. OUTRAGEOUS!

This fundraising scam has gone on long enough. It’s time to nip Animal Time TV in the bud!

Do not support dishonest and purposefully misleading alleged “animal advocates” who abuse the public’s kindness and generosity!