We are an international watchdog group for animals.

This includes exposing animal cruelty, fake organizations fleecing money from animals and lying, thieving, greedy animal scammers/charities who steal donations from the public – meant for animals – and fund their lifestyles.

We have focused on a particular American individual who has been using the animals to raise funds for purported “animal projects” around the world for over 30 years!  Somehow, Rebecca Rodriguez of One Animal World disappears with the money and the animals are left with nothing.  We have analyzed her distinct pattern of behavior with her co-conspirators Alycia Barlow, P Ooi Holmes, Tracey Kleber and Marison Guciano.

Most recently Rebecca A. Rodriguez raised $65000 for the supposed “starving Sun Bears of Bandung Zoo” who she knew from independent wildlife authorities were not starving!  She has bullied, harassed and stalked the organizations and individuals who are desperately trying to improve the lives and conditions for the animals of Bandung Zoo.

Her accomplice P Holmes aka Poo Holmes or P Ooi Holmes is behind the dishonest, misleading, fraudulent petitions on Change.org and Care2 to get the Indonesian President, Joko Widodo, to shut down Bandung Zoo due to the “conditions” she has written about.

We will never remain silent, no matter the cost.

We have been stalked both online and out and about in the real world, photographed, slandered and defamed and even received death threats, written, telephonic and oral.  Our families have been targeted too.

Our lives are at stake but we won’t be silenced.