Rebecca Rodriguez and Tracey Kleber at it again this time as

We literally cannot keep up with the fundraising efforts of a known con-artist Rebecca A. Rodriguez of La Center in Washington and her new “business partner” Tracey Kleber, a USA expat, now living in Scotland. We cannot fathom why they can’t get a job and fund their own “ventures”. Ah, that’s right, much easier to make money exploiting others!

Because they are now vegan, they are wanting to promote veganism and yep, you guessed it, are trying to raise donations yet again to produce content (video production, surprise surprise) and get the word out to raise awareness about the plight of animals.

Promoting veganism costs $0 as all social media outlets and mechanisms are FREE. Plus there are approximately 20 million sites on the internet promoting veganism and animal rights. But ignore that, and support this “new venture to promote veganism and animal rights” because they are the new experts who can make change happen. 😉

They are now onto their 4th source of potential income with bogus plans and bogus endeavours all the while privately enriching themselves as the CEOs or Partners of said organizations.

1st attempt was Cook Vegan For Me
2nd attempt was Toward a Vegan World
3rd attempt is Paws and Claws PAC (An “action committee” for animals)
4th attempt is Global Vegan Crowdfunder.

What they aren’t telling you is they will be paying themselves for creating videos by “partnering” with companies owned and operated by Rebecca Rodriguez and will undoubtedly be earning salaries ALL funded by YOU the unsuspecting animal lover!

Bottom line. It costs NOTHING but TIME to put the word out about veganism and animal rights.

These individuals are NOT ethical and in the case of Rodriguez she is a fugitive from justice in Indonesia where there is an active arrest warrant for her due to her fraudulent fundraiser for Bandung Zoo, the money of which – $65000 – was given by an unsuspecting public to supposedly help the alleged “starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo” all of whom got a big fat ZERO from Rodriguez!

To date, several years after the “fundraiser” nobody has seen ANY FINANCIAL DOCUMENTATION as to how that $650000 was spent because it was paid DIRECTLY into Rodriguez’s own private company REBROD LLC. And she’s literally gone underground with multiple organizations and individuals across the world wanting answers.

Please don’t be another victim of pathological liars and manipulators looking to make a quick buck!

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