Paws and Claws Political Action Committee – Rebecca A. Rodriguez at it again!

Yep, she’s at it again. Rebecca A. Rodriguez (aka RebRod) started yet another venture to raise donations. We are not surprised!

For this “business” (as it’s NOT a charity) Rodriguez is trying to get people to pay for her (surprise surprise) video production of the abuse animals face at the hands of the Federal Government. We’re not sure exactly WHY she needs funds, yet again, to produce her own content since she has all the videographer equipment she needs, she has her own film production company and she already owns the editing software she utilizes with her video production.

Furthermore, we can guarantee that your “donations” are going straight into Rebecca Rodriguez’s private company REBROD LLC! Which she owns and operates and utilizes to avoid paying taxes on “income” aka bogus fundraisers.

Also, why does it cost money to write to the powers that be? What does it cost to send an email to a State Representative or Governor where abuse is taking place? There are approximately 200,000,000 groups, activists, animal charities addressing these same issues and they aren’t asking for donations. They write petitions, they list email addresses and produce documents that can be copied and pasted and then sent on to whomever is the appropriate government department.



WHY AREN’T THE “COMMITTEE MEMBERS” NAMED ON THE WEBSITE? (Because she’s the only committee member?)


We aren’t surprised that yet another “venture” has been in the making. 1st it was One Animal World, then Animal Time TV, Pacific Animal Society, Cook Vegan for Me, Toward a Vegan World………….. and now this – a supposedly “political action committee” wanting to hold the Federal Government accountable because as you all know Rodriguez is such a powerful and well-respected figure in the animal welfare arena. 😉😜

She has 6 “followers” on her YouTube channel. Let’s name them : Rodriguez, Alycia Barlow, Poo Holmes, Tracey Kleber, Tracey’s husband and? Wow, a hugely successful channel 100% 😂👌

People, this is just another scam to line Rodriguez’s pockets. Everything that she states as part of the “mission” of Paws and Claws PAC can be done WITHOUT ANY MONEY whatsoever! She’s really asking you to donate to HER video production which SHE will profit from! As with everything she’s ever done, this is all about fame, money and ego. It has nothing to do with animals.

Surprised? Nope. Predictable? Yep.

Don’t be sucked into another private fundraising opportunity for the trustworthy Rebecca Rodriguez!

Does this look normal? All these companies, some registered, some just registered domain names, some functional, some inactive……….. Bamboozles the mind!

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