Everyone hates frauds and cons who use money as a source of income by exploiting animals in some faraway country.

Isn’t it fascinating that birds of a feather flock together?

One just has to read the posts on this website clearly illustrating the 20 year long fraud and deception perpetrated by Rebecca A. Rodriguez and her associates – she currently has an outstanding warrant for her arrest in Indonesia for her unauthorized GoFundMe where she manipulated the unsuspecting public into donating towards a bogus mission to supposedly help the “starving sun bears at Bandung Zoo”. Rodriguez raised $65000 and donated not 1 cent to the Bandung Zoo. She has already been reported to GoFundMe, Paypal, the Washington Attorney General, the FBI and most importantly the IRS. She is now flagged on their systems. She knows her days of screwing over people to line her own pockets is over as nobody will work with her because of her criminal past. Past behavior is a good predictor for future behavior. Everyone knows this.

Strangely, these criminals seek each other out and choose to band together. Interesting. Cons helping out cons to perpetrate the same crime.

Well, Rodriguez and her cronies aren’t the only ones guilty of scamming the public into donating for deceptive purposes. An entire newly-created website is underway to expose yet another con-artist and fake animal rescue organization in a faraway destination. A media pack is also on it’s way to major news sites across the globe. This will soon get very interesting as the lies unravel and the world learns about these perpetrators who will stop at literally nothing to prevent the truth from getting out. The media pack will undoubtedly put a quick end to their illegal activities and fraudulent fundraisers. Facebook and Paypal don’t take too kindly to fraudulent fundraising activities using their services. Soon this will all start to unravel. We will sit back and enjoy the journey. Karma is a b and it’s on it’s way.

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