Narcissists and their flying monkeys… Rebecca A. Rodriguez and Donna Shaw

So in the past 5 years or so, certain perpetrators like Rebecca A. Rodriguez of La Center in Washington and Donna Shaw (Reynolds) in Melbourne Victoria have revealed themselves to be evil narcissists intent on destroying people’s lives for no other reason than their jealousy and insatiable quest to be fawned over, admired and rewarded for their seemingly “good behavior”. Both these individuals have operated in similar fashion. In Rodriguez’s case, being exposed for being a fraudulent, fame-hungry, money-grabbing poser “animal rescuer” and Donna Shaw for being a drunken, abusive, highly manipulative cry baby has brought out the worst possible traits in a human being – being a manipulative, no-good narcissist.

When faced with the reality of their questionable and dishonest actions and behavior, these narcissists have recruited other unsuspecting individuals and lured them into their web of lies, deceit, egomania and mental health issues.

People who choose to expose narcissists and their flying monkeys are obviously harassed, stalked, defamed and targeted to get the narcissists’ agenda to move forward. Having no regard for the impact on the lives of their victims, narcissists relish and delight in attempting to destroy people’s reputations and lives. It gives them power and that is at the heart of their depravity. Narcissists cannot see they are doing anything wrong and lack empathy which enables them to pursue their victims with no regard for the possible consequences and outcomes.

Sadly, the narcissists desperate need for fame, attention, glory and even love catapult them into a dark, seedy underbelly of cruelty, obsession and destruction. Oftentimes the flying monkeys have to deal with the fall-out (like being sued or having to cough up for legal fees etc.) after the narcissist has pushed their army of flying monkeys to engage in illegal, dishonest and destructive behavior. The narcissist behind the screen delights in every single recruited flying monkey’s aggression and depravity. They are the puppeteers and the flying monkeys, the puppets.

Sadly narcissism cannot really be treated. You’re either a narcissist or you aren’t. There are ways to deal with these monsters and we’ve included links to helpful videos and articles that can assist people to deal and recover from these attention-seeking, degenerate reprobates.

We hope Rodriguez and Shaw get the mental health help they so clearly need.

Dr Ramani helps victims of narcissistic abuse – Open

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