Toward a Vegan World aka Cook Vegan For Me operated by Rebecca A. Rodriguez and Tracey Kleber

About a year ago, Rebecca A. Rodriguez launched “Cook Vegan For Me” encouraging people to become vegan. She simply copied many other groups, pages and websites for ideas. Not one single thing was original about this proposed series on “cooking vegan meals for carnivores”!

There are already approximately 3 million vegan groups, pages, websites etc. already advocating towards a world of compassion, kindness to animals and the Earth by promoting veganism. Rodriguez tried raising funds for this venture and even wanted people to purchase CVFM merchandise like beanies and aprons, but this wasn’t about helping animals, it was about advertising herself, Rebecca A. Rodriguez. As we’ve shown, Rodriguez has been on a desperate quest for attention, recognition, anything……

Cook Vegan For me, predictably, crashed and burned. And suddenly “Toward a Vegan World” emerged supposedly with Tracey Kleber at the helm. Interestingly, Kleber and Rodriguez hooked up to fundraise for the supposedly “starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo” wherein they netted $65000 in public donations and then simply disappeared underground. Approximately 2 years later “Cook Vegan For Me” appeared then subsequently “Toward a Vegan World” showed up on Facebook and Twitter.

Rodriguez and Kleber seem to think the public doesn’t know that this “new” venture is operating in the same manner as Cook Vegan For Me. They both are “fundraising” for their “mission”. Anyone with half a brain knows that promoting veganism or any other mission, does not cost a whole lot of money. Since Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – their main information sources – are completely free, what do they need donations for? The truth of the matter is these donations will once again be diverted into “video productions” with Rodriguez behind the camera. Donors end up paying for transport, hotel accommodation, flights and production work.

Toward A Vegan World, Inc. is currently able to accept donations from the following US states: CA, NY, OR, PA and WA. Isn’t this very strange?

“Our mission is to encourage people to take steps, be they baby steps or giant leaps, toward more compassionate and sustainable lifestyles. Our style is fun, inclusive and non-confrontational. Join us in making the world a little more vegan every day!” states Tracey Kleber of Toward a Vegan World. Why then does she need donations?

Why are they asking for donations (yet again) but towards what exactly??? Making people aware of a vegan lifestyle and promoting veganism etc. does NOT cost money!!! Supposedly a registered non-profit we could not find them on the Pennsylvania Charity site but there is a record of them on Charity Navigator and the IRS website. Bottom line – We are not fooled!

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