Rebecca A. Rodriguez claims to be a “critically acclaimed filmmaker” ha ha ha

Seems literally anyone can bandy about the title “critically acclaimed filmmaker” but when one hears those words you conjure up images of Martin Scorsese or even Quentin Tarantino.  Maybe greats like Steven Spielberg or Francis Ford Coppola?
But yep, you got it, Rebecca A. Rodriguez continuously writes all over the web that she is a “critically acclaimed filmmaker”! ha ha ha ha ha

rat looking like a rat

So we looked at her “professional” film-making career and investigated her claims.
20 years ago, in February 2000, she produced “Soul Collectors” and “Floater”.  Suffice to say these are films you can and should avoid at all costs.  They are utter trash.  She “produced” the following films: Blind Mice, Manner of Living, Quietness of Copper, Gettin Honeys and Flung in and around the same time.  These can’t even be traced on the web.
Now Rodriguez writes, again on any and every website she can find and/or operates, that she won the following film awards in 2005 (15 years ago), highlighting her “expertise” and “creativity” as a “critically acclaimed filmmaker” because she produced a truly bizarre, seemingly auto-biographical film called “Coming Up Easy” :
– Best Feature Award at Reel Women International Film Festival.  Well that Festival stopped operating in 2008.  Clearly, it wasn’t a big deal.
– Best Feature by a North West Filmmaker at “Far From Hollywood Society” in Portland Oregon.  You can’t even find a trace of them on the web. Nothing! Nada!
Clearly very prestigious film accolades!  Not!
Then Rodriguez goes on to mention her “commercial work” as doing projects for Hewlett Packard, Artscape and Spirit Mountain Casino but what she failed to mention is she created advertisements for big game hunter Bob Parsons who founded the GoDaddy brand.  That has now been conveniently removed because she also claims she an “avid animal advocate” who fights for animal rights!

godaddy commercial by lucky head films

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Do you believe your own b.s.?


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