They claim they aren’t stalkers. But…..

The legal definition of a stalker is : Stalking involves a persistent course of conduct or actions by a person which are intended to maintain contact with or exercise power and control over another person. These actions cause distress, loss of control, fear or harassment to another person and occur more than once.

And per Wikipedia :

So who are we referring to here?  And WHY is this happening?  Well, simplistically, when it comes down to MONEY (income) and FAME, people will go ballistic if these 2 things are threatened.  This group of lunatic trolls have in one way or another, been exposed and their dark deeds, dishonesty and agendas unmasked.

Group 1 is ex Tiger Temple employees who were present and on the ground while Tiger trafficking was taking place.  Their lives came to an abrupt halt when the Department of National Parks in Thailand investigated them and shut the Tiger Temple down.  All the volunteers lost their jobs.  And they lost the Tigers who were the backbone of their operation.  They lost their income.  And they were exposed for the nightmare of what was really going down behind closed doors.  Subsequently, many Tigers died at DNP but it wasn’t because they were living at DNP it was because they were riddled with disease acquired at Tiger Temple including genetic mutations, inbreeding and respiratory conditions due to inadequate veterinary care and food.  The Tigers lived a life of pure hell.  They did not deserve to be exploited.  They did not deserve to die.

Group 2 is scammer Rebecca A. Rodriguez and her accomplices P Ooi Holmes (Poo Holmes) and Alycia Barlow who fraudulently raised $65,000 on the back of a campaign supposedly for the “starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo” in Indonesia.  When her motives and intentions were questioned and the issue of the dispensation of donations raised, Rodriguez abruptly disappeared with all the money and violated almost every rule per GoFundMe, the fundraising platform she used in her campaign.  She was exposed as a fraud with a pattern spanning almost 30 years.

Group 3 consists of a random selection of very disturbed individuals.  For example, Jon Williamson, a convicted arsonist in the UK with a pattern of “fundraising” via almost 500 Facebook “Animal Rescue” pages.  Then you have an individual, Carole Hughes, also in the UK, who worships the ground her “guru” Edwin Wiek walks on.  When these people were exposed, they too joined in with Groups 2 and 3.  You see when it comes to money people don’t play.  And they will do absolutely anything to take revenge for the loss of their income and fame.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Finally, Group 4 who consists of disgruntled ex-employees of Cee4Life.  Here we have Donna Shaw and Ledonna James.  They weren’t content to be the “behind the scenes” employees.  They desperately wanted to be noticed.  To get their names into the newspaper.  To be acknowledged.  Here you have the motive of jealousy.

These screenshots will give you absolute proof of exactly who these people are.  They are insidious, deceptive, dishonest, very very dangerous and have mastered the art of spreading misinformation.  How many years have the cockroaches maintained this campaign of harassment?  What is the goal?  When will it stop?  When someone is dead?

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