Rebecca Rodriguez at it again this time with troll stalker Donna Shaw!

It’s a fact that Sybelle Foxcroft had to approach Police regarding the stalking by Donna Shaw Reynolds’ ( now ex husband) – John Reynolds – who actually tried to break into Foxcroft’s house based on the lies Donna was feeding him!  The Victoria Police placed a restraining order against John, who in retaliation filed a restraining order against Foxcroft.  That’s the truth.  Amazing how Donna twists the truth for her own agenda.
So thanks to Donna Shaw, an alleged pill abusing, alcoholic and disgruntled ex employee of Cee4Life, currently working as a bartender (!!!!!) in Victoria, who has been on a merciless crusade to punish, taint, harm, stalk, harass Founder, Sybelle Foxcroft because she couldn’t get own name into the press and wasn’t content to work behind the scenes as she agreed to, yet another hate site has popped up.  The site is called
donna shaw stating what she did for cee4life
This is Donna Shaw’s claim to fame : She did RESEARCH and cleaned Sybelle Foxcroft’s house which isn’t even true! Wow! So impressive!
Poor Donna is completely delusional as she actively lists her “work” at Cee4Life on her LinkedIn profile.
donna linkedin 1
donna linkedin 2
Donna Shaw Reynolds, who was kicked out of Cee4Life due to various transgressions and repeated alcoholic outbursts witnessed by many, turned out to be a conniving, back-stabbing, sociopathic individual and the horrific betrayal of Foxcroft was uncovered when it was discovered Donna had been texting Edwin Wiek while Foxcroft was undercover in the Tiger Temple Thailand, putting Sybelle’s life in grave danger.  Clearly this deranged individual will stop at nothing to get revenge for a supposed slight.  The truth is much sadder, because Foxcroft was a very good friend to Donna, as can be evidenced by these posts found on Facebook.
donna moms funeral
You are really sick Donna.  Really, really sick.  To betray a friend this way because you felt slighted.  You need professional help if you’re not already getting it!
sorry donna for passing mom
Donna, yet another 2 faced nobody, is driving the hate campaign at this stage – as can be seen on Facebook, but it is Rebecca Rodriguez aka Rebecca the rat, who registers these hate sites. 
Furthermore, there is UNDENIABLE EVIDENCE that Donna Shaw is the one who is connected to Darrie Lisle, the lady exposed for apparently removing Agile Wallabys from Magnetic Island for the past 12 years by her own admission, an individual who has now been brainwashed by the trolls, and who has been defaming Sybelle on Magnetic Island.
darrie bird post 2
And look what we find…….. Donna Shaw and hateful Ledonna James directly linked directly to Darrie Lisle’s profile on Facebook.  Trolls banding together, fuelling the hate campaign against Sybelle Foxcroft FOR NO JUSTIFIABLE REASON other than pure jealousy.
who is sybelleunmasked
IP address
sybelle exposed ip address tracked to washington
Registered in Washington and guess who lives in Washington and uses GoDaddy?  Yep, REBECCA A. RODRIGUEZ of La Center, WASHINGTON the individual who stole $65000 from the sun bears of Bandung Zoo fundraiser.  Big surprise. Not.

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