10 things, mate!

10 things Rebecca A. Rodriguez from

Cook Vegan For Me, Animal Time TV, Animal Time, Animal Time International, Animal House TV, Animal House, Animal House International, One Animal World, One Animal World Foundation, Clearance Puppy, Pacific Animal Society, Lucky Head Films, Animal Centric ad nauseum

could do instead of lying, manipulating and b.s. the public and ripping off needy and desperate animals world-wide.

  1. Give the Bandung Zoo sun bears the money you raised for them.

  2. Learn what an illegal wildlife trafficking market is.

  3. Don’t buy animals from illegal wildlife trafficking markets.

  4. Learn who criminals are.

  5. Learn what wire fraud is.

  6. Learn to stop lying about your “accomplishments for animals”.

  7. Learn about Indonesian animals, location and laws.

  8. Learn not to shower with illegally trafficked, endangered species.

  9. Learn that it’s not ok to do vegan food prep in a full meat prep kitchen.

  10. Learn to stop lying and acknowledge that you are a fake, twisted, floater pervert.

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