Animal Time TV aka Animal Time LLC = Rebecca A. Rodriguez

So here we go again.  Rebecca A. Rodriguez is *still* sliming her way around within a list of for profit company names she operates but her objectives remain *exactly* the same. 

fugly cropped

 The lovely Rebecca A. Rodriguez

What are we talking about?  She whored out the Sun Bears of Bandung Zoo, not once but twice!  First she raised $65,000USD via GoFundMe (kept all the money) and then she’s uploaded the same story to her YouTube, hoping to attract investors with adverts which earn her, yep, more money!  (Money not reaching *any* animals but pouring directly into Rodriguez’s personal coffers via her various for-profit companies!)

Well, take a look at Animal Time LLC on YouTube and Rodriguez’s website and you will soon see what we’ve been talking about for the past 2 years –  a very specific modus operandi that exploits animals and the gullible public and business entities which benefit 1 person and 1 person only.  Gee I wonder who that might be?

– Pattern of behavior / Manipulation / modus operandi

– Misinformation

– Bedazzling investors and members of the public

– Notice the “for profit” status ambiguously and insidiously inserted where you aren’t supposed to notice it!

Animal Time LLC web page :

animal time tv 1

Join this “important venture”! What a laugh!  There is *nothing* important about this.  It’s important to Rodriguez who desperately needs money!  This smacks of “Lights, Camera, Animals!” – More on this later.

animal time tv 2

Pumping YouTube so RODRIGUEZ can earn some cash to live off.  It costs nothing to go and film a few dogs or cats and upload it to YouTube!  Don’t be bamboozled and don’t be sucked in once again! Nobody but Rodriguez benefits from all these attempts at raising $$$$!

animal time tv 3

Invest! Yeah right! Invest in lining Rodriguez’s pockets because it’s a FACT that Animal Time LLC is a FOR PROFIT company owned by none other than yours truly – It’s yet another business that serves to make money for Rebecca Rodriguez 

This endeavor smacks of Rodriguez’s previous attempts (surprise, surprise, NOT!) at attracting investors and members of the public so Rodriguez has money to live off.  Remember “Lights, Camera, Animals”?? Well follow the link and read how Rodriguez tried this previously but was caught out with her misinformation, lies, duplicity and dishonesty!

Lights, Camera, Animals : Yet another attempt to raise funds for Rodriguez’s FOR PROFIT ventures!

Has the public not had enough of all of this?  Rodriguez needs to find a real job in the real world and earn some honest money.  Stop exploiting animals for infamy and money!  Stop exploiting the kind, generous and giving public and stop trying to bamboozle companies with your spiel!

Animal Time LLC YouTube :

Constantly looping companies/pages/groups round and round and round.  Bottom line, Rodriguez is desperate for money and she counts on her supposed ability to bamboozle people. She was a master manipulator who is really just a fraud and a con.

animal time you tube front page

Cook Vegan for Me aka Animal Time LLC aka Animal Time TV aka One Animal World aka Lights, Camera, Animals aka Animal Centric aka Pacific Animal Society aka Rebrod aka Animal House aka Animal House TV

Remember to read our article on Rodriguez’s constant manipulation of everyone around her :

Bamboozled : How Rebecca A. Rodriguez has attempted to master pulling the wool over YOUR eyes!

and exposed, the modus operandi utilized by Rebecca Rodriguez :

Rebecca Rodriguez’s modus operandi and how she counts on YOU not paying attention!

donut of rats businesses
Does this look normal?  And there are MANY more!  Think about that!

You’re as bad as your favorite President, Trump!

trump liar




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