More fundraisers by Rebecca A. Rodriguez and Alycia Barlow of Pacific Animal Society – STILL ACCEPTING DONATIONS, yet Charity is now delinquent!

As we’ve pointed out before there is a decades-old pattern of raising funds for “needy animals all over the world”. 
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Of these fundraisers we have pointed out dubious and suspicious fundraising methodology and oftentimes outright theft of donations as was the case with the fundraiser operated by Rebecca A. Rodriguez of Animal House International (now Cook Vegan For Me) and her accomplices P Ooi Holmes (Poo Holmes) and her best friend, galpal Alycia Barlow.  That fundraiser was for “the starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo” who received ZERO from that campaign.
We found another fundraiser operated by Rodriguez and Barlow, this time for 5 animals in Mexico.  Here are the screenshots :

mexico to portland gofundme 1

mexico to portland gofundme 2

Now the goal was $1800 and they raised $1900.  We took a look at the breakdown of costs etc. and to establish why it was so expensive to get these 5 animals from Mexico to the Pacific Northwest?
Actual costs vs fundraising target :
Mexico to Pacific Northwest
$50 to fly a cat x 1
$100 to fly a dog x 4
$250 to fly a volunteer round trip Pacific NW to Mexico return
Total actual costs : $700
Why was this fundraiser for treble that amount?  Where is the missing $1200???

mexico to portland gofundme 3

Pacific Animal Society is no longer in compliance with the Washington State Corporations and Charities Filing System so they cannot use Pacific Animal Society as a legitimate charity or ask for donations yet their fundraiser is STILL ACCEPTING DONATIONS!!!!
pacific delinquent information
And they have the gall to be registered with Amazon’s Smile program! You people have absolutely no shame!
pacific animal society on amazon smile
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