Rebecca A. Rodriguez guilty of criminal online impersonation!! And she denied doing it! LIAR!!

Rebecca A. Rodriguez

fugly cropped

a self-proclaimed animal rescuer and “critically acclaimed filmmaker” (in her words, not ours) of One Animal World who also goes by Animal Time TV and now Cook Vegan For Me (CVFM) is guilty of criminal online impersonation.

We can prove this beyond any reasonable doubt because her smear/blog campaign which goes by the name of (aka The League of Animal Rescue Deceivers) ties her directly to the registration of the following names, which she dumped shortly thereafter, realizing what she had done is a prosecutable criminal offence!  (Note a plethora of names were registered on the same day and we have many more but these are the most obvious!)

Not only did she proclaim her supposed innocence, she wrote an entire article on her site proclaiming “Nope, I didn’t do it”!  This woman has no shame, is proven to be an outright liar and is a criminal! The whole world is finally starting to cotton on to her narrative of endless lies and the lengths she will go to to avoid responsibility for her duplicitous fundraisers and narcissistic and dishonest behavior.

She also trolls, stalks, harasses and bullies bonafide animal advocates via Facebook with the same name – Animal Rescue Deceivers. and animal rescue deceivers red arrow and animal rescue deceivers with red arrow with red highlight ( was apparently registered by the legal owner) with red arrow

Hypocritical, lying, criminal, narcissistic nightmare! You wouldn’t know the truth if it smacked you in the face!

ard registered on 11.11

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