Pacific Animal Society and their failure to renew their charity status! (Operated by Rebecca A. Rodriguez and Alycia Barlow)

Approximately 1 year ago Rebecca A. Rodriguez of One Animal World, a self-proclaimed animal activist,

fugly cropped

contacted Authorities and the local news about the failure of Cowlitz County Humane Society to renew their annual charity status! She went ballistic; harassing, stalking and bullying the Shelter Board and Management team in a desperate attempt to garner some sort of fame and acknowledgement.

cowlitz 1

cowlitz 2

cowlitz 3

Ironically Pacific Animal Society’s current status is DELINQUENT ie they have failed to renew their registration and they have failed to turn in the necessary paperwork!  HYPOCRISY AT IT’S FINEST!!!! 

Rodriguez and Barlow are still running fundraisers using Pacific Animal Society’s charity status to garner donations!

This is a classic statement by Rodriguez about Cowlitz County Humane Society……. yet they are guilty of the EXACT SAME THING!

“Clearly this is absolutely a reflection of poor leadership and incompetence!!  For them to miss this one simple piece of paperwork, that’s disconcerting and people should know what’s going on!”


Now Rodriguez and her best friend and galpal Alycia Barlow, run Pacific Animal Society, a “registered Charity” with the Authorities of Washington State. It’s highly advisable that Rebecca A. Rodriguez and Alycia Barlow concentrate on their own misgivings and haphazard operations including their failure to comply with the Corporations and Charities Filing System. There’s only 2 of them involved in this Charity but they don’t have the time to file their paperwork, due in December 2018!!!


pacific delinquent information

mexico to portland gofundme 1

And a year later Rebecca Rodriguez is commenting on the qualifications of the Shelter Manager and Humane Society! Someone with ZERO qualifications giving her “professional advice”! No we can’t make this up!

Ironically, it is actually Rebecca A. Rodriguez who has ZERO animal-related qualifications whatsoever yet feels she is an authority to target and harass a humane society with which she has nothing to do.  Talk about gall!  And insanity.  This is actually a pattern of Rodriguez.  She is always trying to get into the media regarding any little thing.  Yet she and her cronies are guilty of some of the worst hypocrisy and fraud we’ve ever seen!

rebecca interferes with cowlitz county humane society and has recommendations for them

HYPOCRITES + FRAUDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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