The Rebecca A. Rodriguez merry-go-round

Do not be confused by the Rebecca Rodriguez merry go round.  Names constantly being registered and utilized for bogus missions even more names never legally registered and utilized for bogus missions.  Rodriguez seems to think nobody is watching her ever-evolving narrative of bull.  The public, not having the time and not paying attention end up donating their hard-earned cash to some animal somewhere in the world Rodriguez claims to be helping.

donut of rats businesses

Only problem is the people and organizations she claims she is helping have never heard of Rebecca Rodriguez!  That’s outright fraud and blatantly dishonest and deceiving.  Unsurprisingly, Rodriguez has a reputation of being a nasty bully, threatening anyone who speaks up about her lies and deception.  From Councilmen to innocent members of the public, Rodriguez’s crazed behavior (felony criminal online impersonation and much worse) and incessant attacks on innocent people has been revealed and is and continues to be exposed.

Here is the current information on names/business names Rodriguez is utilizing.  Please be aware that there is a lot of cloak and dagger going on.  Different names and variations of those names are also utilized usually all inter-mingled but the cash is ending up in Rebrod LLC, Rodriguez’s privately owned Washington-based LLC.

february 2019 business names utilized by rebecca rodriguez

llc registrations at february 2019

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