The bogus offer of help to Bandung Zoo by Rebecca A. Rodriguez of One Animal World/Toward a Vegan World


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Rebecca A. Rodriguez (Rebecca Rodriguez, Beccy Rodriguez) in her usual arrogant and laughingly supposedly superior attitude, puts together a completely bogus “offer of assistance” to Bandung Zoo after fleeing Indonesia due to a warrant for her arrest initiated by Bandung Zoo’s Management.
She has purposefully set it up in a way that Bandung Zoo would refuse to “work” with Rodriguez and therefore, she feels justified in withholding the donations given very specifically by the public to help “the starving sun bears” of Bandung Zoo!
Did anyone actually read it? That very strange offer of help? It has been purposefully crafted knowing Bandung Zoo would not accept an unqualified, unknown wannabe American actress’s offer of help because no help is offered! 
Rodriguez wants access to animals and demands a vet of her choice examine Kardit the old sun bear.  What about the $65000 she raised for these sun bears?  No mention of money or even any willingness to pay for building materials and upgrades which were going on at the exact time Rodriguez fraudulently raised that money!!!  Yes the sun bears’ enclosure was being upgraded at that precise moment.
Firstly, you have a a completely unknown individual from America – Rebecca A. Rodriguez – an unqualified, misinformed arrogant wannabe animal advocate – who has the gall, after raising $65000 for the “starving sun bears” of Bandung Zoo, without the Zoo’s knowledge or permission, arrives at the gates of Bandung Zoo with a list of outrageous demands! When Bandung Zoo’s Management get wind of Rodriguez’s illegal fundraising they contact authorities and ask that she be detained for investigation.  Rodriguez high tails it back to USA to avoid arrest.
Rodriguez flees back to USA and then writes this “letter of offer”.
Zero credentials
Zero wildlife experience
Zero animal rehabilitation experience
Zero qualifications
other than being a wannabe filmmaker and wannabe actress. Why would Bandung Zoo take her seriously?
Nonetheless, let’s take the “offer” to pieces because it’s a load of shite :the fake letter offering nothing to bz by rr
And in return for Bandung Zoo’s compliance, Rodriguez inserts herself or rather attempts to insert herself in an “animal situation” abroad but she’s forgotten about how and why funds should be disseminated which she promised to the sun bears of Bandung Zoo! (Who donated for film opportunities and international travel to Europe and Mexico????  People donated believing the scammer’s lies about the donations that were meant to be given to “help” the “starving sun bears!)  The poor public has been duped again!
In her own words she writes that “funds earmarked for the direct care of the animals will be delivered personally by us” and “There will likely be immediate needs like food and enclosure repairs” yet Rodriguez donates $0 to the sun bears and the offer is simply primed for failure so Rodriguez can turn around and say “Bandung Zoo refused my offer of assistance” but where is the offer to assist?????  A lot of baloney spews from Holmes and Rodriguezs’ mouths.
funds first applied to expenses of team with red highlights
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