Rebecca A. Rodriguez + P Ooi Holmes of Animal Time TV / One Animal World: Where is your outrage, hypocrites?

Rebecca A. Rodriguez and Pohyee Ooi Holmes of One Animal World (aka Lucky Head Films, Animal House TV, Animal Time, Animal Centric, Pacific Clearance, Barlow Animal Connection, Pacific Animal Society ad infinitum) continue to harass, stalk and target Bandung Zoo, Cee4Life and Cee4Life supporters yet shows no outrage over conditions captive animals face in the USA, right where Rodriguez and Holmes live.

The USA is a 1st world country so there would be absolutely no excuse as to why captive animals in Zoos are exploited, suffer immense abuse and torture and inhumane handling and conditions and many of them die due to neglect and improper veterinary care and abusive Management.

myrtle beach south carolina

Interestingly, Holmes and Rodriguez don’t care one iota about any animal in the USA but have chosen to obsess over 3rd world country Indonesia’s Bandung Zoo who, incidentally, are rated 14 out of a total of 61 Zoos in Indonesia.  With all the current upgrades and improvements, in all likelihood, Bandung Zoo will move up to the top 5 best Zoos in Indonesia, no small feat.

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Here is a sampling of what is happening to captive, exploited animals in Zoos in America, right under the noses of these alleged “animal advocates” who cry and care about animals when the cameras are rolling.

Topeka Zoo, Kansas – considered the WORST ZOO IN AMERICA :

Sunda the 2nd Elephant to die at Topeka Zoo within a year

USDA inspects Topeka Zoo and finds numerous animal care violations


First world country guilty of outrageous animal abuse and exploitation

Top 10 worst Zoos for Elephants in America

south carolina

Taken from an article regarding Pittsburgh Zoo, where Poo Holmes resides :

“In 2017, the Pittsburgh Zoo’s International Conservation Center (ICC) saw its first elephant birth in ten years. But the small female calf was born prematurely, then reportedly rejected by her mother, who was also unable to produce enough milk for the baby. Normally, zoos would keep such a calf on-site and near the mother hoping to help the two bond, while hand-rearing the calf. Instead, the unnamed calf was transported from the ICC to the Pittsburgh Zoo where she was exhibited in a barren room behind glass until her tragic and early demise at less than three months of age.

Whether separating the baby and her mother was the right thing to do is debatable. What is not debatable is the zoo’s unconscionable display of the lone, vulnerable baby to attract paying customers, while her very survival was so tenuous that the zoo did not even bother to give her a name.”

Article source : Atrocious animal atrocities and exploitation in United States of America!!! A 1st world country!!!

So while everyone is watching Rodriguez and Holmes’ obsession and unmitigated stalking of Bandung Zoo where are their petitions to shut these American hell holes down?  Where is the and petitions exposing the animal abuse in their homes States?  Where is the fundraiser for “Topeka Zoo’s suffering animals” or “Pittsburgh Zoo’s suffering animals”????????????????????? There are no such petitions and no such fundraisers.  Anyone hazard a guess as to why?  Darlings in the USA you will be prosecuted and locked up so fast your head would spin if you try that b.s. in America.  So the hypocrites remain silent and continue to obsess over a developing, evolving Zoo and a commitment to improve the lives of captive animals in Bandung Zoo all the while looking the other way to the abuse animals suffer in America.

Time people woke up to the hypocrisy, duplicity and outrageous stalking behavior being perpetrated against Bandung Zoo, Cee4Life and Cee4Life supporters. 

And as a side note.  Precisely what has the 2 armchair warriors actually accomplished for animals in real terms?  The answer is easy! Absolutely nothing!  Animal advocates my a@@!!!!

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