Please “donate” for a reading house in Aceh Sumatra (Already built July 2017) – Dishonestly raising funds from 2017 to February 2019 – via One Animal World “projects”! Fraud!

To share the ongoing lies and misinformation constantly put out into the public arena by Rebecca A. Rodriguez of Cook Vegan For Me / Animal Time TV/ One Animal World (aka Lucky Head Films, No Good Deed, Animal House TV, Animal Time LLC, Animal Centric, Pacific Animal Welfare, Clearance Puppy, Barlow Animal Connection etc. ad infinitum) we ask that you observe the following screenshots.

How is that Rodriguez is, as late as February 2019, via her One Animal World website is soliciting donations for ALREADY COMPLETED PROJECTS.  This is highly fraudulent and blatantly dishonest!

As late as 2 November 2018 we see this screenshot, asking for funds for a “reading house” in Aceh Sumatra.  These donations to Scorpion Wildlife Trafficking Group were made in and around June/July 2017 to build a “reading house” for the villagers in the remote jungles of Aceh Sumatra. (So Scorpion has already had the funds for 15 months and during those 15 months Rodriguez asked for you to donate!!! Liar, fraud, con, scammer!)

reading house still up on 2 november via one animal world

On September 24, 2018 the reading house in Aceh Sumatra was officially opened 1 year after receiving $2700 from Rodriguez the previous year.

Why is Rodriguez STILL fundraising for this already completed project???????????  Nothing but continuous outright b.s. and constant lies coming from this con woman and animal exploiter together with her side-kicks Alycia Barlow, Poo Holmes (P Ooi Holmes) and Tracey Kleber!

scorpion aceh reading hut 1scorpion aceh reading hut 2scorpion aceh reading hut snipping


July 2017 – Rodriguez donates $2700 to Scorpion Wildife Trade Monitoring Group (even though they were never named beneficiaries) for utilizing the “sting video” of the “starving Sun Bears of Bandung Zoo, given with the funds from and financing the building of a reading house In Aceh Sumatra. It takes several months but finally the reading house is built and functional.

July 2017 – November 2018 Rodriguez continuing to ask for donations for the reading house in Aceh Sumatra via her profit company One Animal World.  But the funds were handed over to Scorpion in July 2017.  The funds have been utilized by Scorpion for the reading house.

September 2018 – The reading house officially opens almost 1 year to the day the funds were received by Scorpion.

Rodriguez has been fundraising for an additional  17 months via One Animal World repeatedly asking for donations for this already completed mission!!!! FRAUD!!! DECEPTION!!! LIES!!!



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