Don’t support Zoos, right? What were these fundraisers *for* various Zoos then? Rebecca A. Rodriguez + Pohyee Holmes of One Animal World???

We pointed out previously, despite Rebecca Rodriguez raising funds FOR Bandung Zoo and Bandung Zoo’s animals, and of course the Sun Bears she hung out to dry and exploited to the hilt, raising a staggering $65000 which, whoosh, disappeared like ether and none of the animals in the targeted Zoos named in the fundraiser got $1!!! 

Now Rodriguez can’t have it both ways.  Her cohort P Ooi Holmes’ petitions were to CLOSE DOWN BANDUNG ZOO but the fundraiser operated by Rodriguez was raising funds FOR THE ZOO.  Strangely, 2 opposing viewpoints but the petitions fed the Fundraiser.  Interesting isn’t it?

And it wasn’t only 1 Zoo Rebecca Rodriguez was fundraising for!  It was not only Bandung Zoo!  Remember Mikey the orphaned Orangutan that Rodriguez included in the Sun Bears GoFundMe campaign?  Well Mikail (real name) is at Kandi Zoo!  So by fundraising for Mikail’s new enclosure, Rodriguez was actually supporting Kandi Zoo too!  From the sublime to the ridiculous!

They cannot have it both ways.  They are laughable and so predictable.

kandi zoo scorpion wildlife trade monitoring group re elephants
 Scorpion Monitor Org targeting Kandi Zoo for Elephant abuse.  (Scorpion released the sting video of the “starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo”) I’m wondering if poor Mikey the Orangutan at Kandi Zoo who was exploited for money got any of the funds raised by Rodriguez?  (You know, FOR a Zoo!) Suffice to say, Mikey like the rest of the animals received $0!!!

And guess what we find out about Kandi Zoo?  Gee what a surprise.  Elephant abuse!  Yep don’t be surprised if you see the 4th Fundraiser for Mikail appearing on GoFundMe or Indiegogo.  Yes, I said 4th fundraiser :

1st fundraiser : Mikail (Kandi Zoo)

appeal for mikey part 2

2nd fundraiser : Mikail (Kandi Zoo) (disappeared from view but here is screenshot)


3rd fundraiser : Mikail (Kandi Zoo) via Rodriguez’s website :

animal time tv orphaned orangutan waits for a new habitat

4th fundraiser : Probably in the works!  Absolutely ridiculous!

How can these confused people all in supposed cohesion with each other and with “careful preparation” pull this all off and fracture into multiple pieces with their opposing viewpoints?????

rebecca i wont hand over money to unscrupulous group or zoo so why were you fundraising for them
Hey dummy what the hell do you think you were doing! Duh! Fundraising FOR a Zoo!!!!
rat saying she wouldnt hand over funds to bz
No you couldn’t get what you wanted that is to rehome the Sun Bears to USA and turn it all into a giant documentary for self-promotion, attention, fame and money!  You are the worst kind of poser animal advocate.  No authentic, legitimate animal lover would exploit animals the way you have! 

Fundraising FOR Zoos but once the money has come in, the fundraiser organizers – Rebecca A. Rodriguez, Alycia Barlow Hadfield, Poo Holmes and Tracey Kleber-  all of a sudden OPPOSE ZOOS and the money disappears!

So are these idiots for or against Zoos? DUMB AS A BOX OF ROCKS! And blatant disregard for the animals they constantly exploit!

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