Animal Time TV (One Animal World) “expert team members” revealed!

Ooh boy.  There are some very interesting yet strangely amusing statements put out there by Rebecca A. Rodriguez.  Since Rebecca is always going on about the qualifications of Sybelle Foxcroft of Cee4Life (supposedly she has none) and pointing out her flaws, inadequacies and issues, her lack of professionalism and purported inability to truly help animals, let us take a quick look at something very interesting.

One of the most critical issues has been questioning the professionalism and the issue of experience and expertise of Cee4Life’s team (and Bandung Zoo team).

We want you to get a really good look at what Rebecca A. Rodriguez’s team REALLY IS. Who are these “QUALIFIED, EXPERT TEAM MEMBERS” (friends) and what are their fields of expertise and training, if any?

Rebecca A. Rodriguez’s “highly specialized team” are actually a bunch of her friends who mostly have worked with her on other film projects under the guise of her company “Lucky Head Films LLC” or “Animal House”. Most of these individuals are completely unknown and unheard of in the animal welfare arena.

alycia and rr in bed
Staring into the eyes of evil

Who is Rebecca? Rebecca Rodriguez is an unqualified, unknown aspiring filmmaker and wannabe actress! She left school at 16 and has no further education or qualifications. She has zero experience of Indonesia or their animals.  In truth, besides the odd dog, Rebecca is not known for her work ‘with or for’ animals!

fugly cropped

However, her apparent lack of knowledge regarding Indonesia became apparent from her claims like “there are 28 zoos in Indonesia” when there are actually 61!!!!

there are 28 zoos

and “there is a lactating sun bear in Bandung Zoo but no cubs.” Rebecca headlined her GoFundMe update with the headline “Is the sun bear expert wrong?”  Well to answer that succinctly?  The “SUN BEAR EXPERT” was an ass who got it HORRIBLY wrong!  Rebecca mentioned that supposedly “lactating sun bears were seen but no cubs” not once, not twice but at least 3 times!  Furthermore, the “sun bear expert” said the sun bears were unhealthy when already several independent wildlife organizations weighed in on the Sun Bear situation and refuted any allegations that the sun bears were starving and confirmed they had never been starving.


So here is your “expert” Rebecca Rodriguez, the “team leader” or “head honcho” leading the charge into Indonesia to be the voice for the animals of Indonesia and every other animal in the world and is the authority in power to hold the entire country accountable.  <cough cough>


Alycia Barlow is another “team member”. Qualifications? Zero! Known in the animal welfare community? Unheard of!  She runs a tiny “animal welfare organization” known as Pacific Animal Society and she runs it with Rebecca Rodriguez.  They foster and rehome the odd dog.  Yep, another expert!


Dan Allen – Who admits publicaly he is not opposed to all Zoos in direct opposition to Rebecca Rodriguez and Pohyee Ooi Holmes’ ramblings and continuous media statements! 

dr daniel allen bio

Dan Allen has a PhD in human geography. Yes, you read that right, “human geography”! It gets better. “Daniel’s doctoral research explored, ‘The cultural and historical geographies of otter hunting in Britain, 1830-1939’ and he is referred to as “The Otter Man for obvious reasons.


Miguel Abi-Hassan claims he has a degree in occupational psychology.  Great! Wonderful! However, an occupational psychologist is someone who studies the behavior of people at work. We have no idea what this has to do with animals.


Also Hassan, in his capacity as Chief Executive Officer of the Halifax Humane Society is involved in an investigation into “missing rabbits” who are thought to have been given to a “predator facility” as food?

The last member of the team is Pohyee Ooi Holmes


(known as P Holmes, P Ooi Holmes, Pohyee Holmes, Pohyee Ooi, Poop Holmes or Poo Holmes) who uses numerous variations of her strange name. Why we do not know! Born and raised in Teluk Intan, Perak, Malaysia, Poo married an American and settled into life in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Zero qualifications.  Zero experience.  Zero expertise.  Just an unemployed person with time on her hands and Google, Wikipedia and Quora at her fingertips! We can just imagine the questions that Quora were subjected to by this misinformed nutjob : “Are sun bears protected?” “Are sun bears endangered?” “What do sun bears eat?” “Where do sun bears live?” “How many sun bears are in the wild?” and so on!

She is a serial petition organizer who likes sewing but other than that is completely unheard of/unknown in any field including animal welfare. She has 2 followers on Twitter and absolutely zero qualifications or expertise, despite feeding data from Google and Wikipedia to give herself more credibility on her endless, boring, tedious updates on the petition to close Bandung Zoo.  

This became abundantly clear in her opening paragraph blunder on the petition to close Bandung Zoo

wherein she claimed it was Bandung Zoo who were coined the “death zoo” when in fact it was Surabaya Zoo and she further went on to claim that at Bandung Zoo a giraffe ingested 40lbs of plastic and died when actually the giraffe was at Surabaya Zoo.  Purposeful?  You bet ya!



These are just a sampling of her ridiculous claims and comments, written as “factual”! It’s scary what a keyboard warrior with no qualifications or experience in animal welfare issues can conjure up! Abracadabra Poo!

Right so we have now established that both Rebecca A. Rodriguez and her “team members” are a group of her friends with no real, specific qualifications or even any qualifications at all.  Yet here they have the gall to take on the responsibility of being a “watchdog group” whose role is to “scrutinize, verify and publicly confirm the claims, promises, successes and failures ……..”


I ask you, with tears in my eyes, how can a group of unqualified, uneducated nobodies take on the role of pointing out any errors or mistakes made by Cee4Life or Bandung Zoo? How on earth can she/they be a “watchdog organization”? LOL!! Please explain this! Are we missing something?  Rebecca had never set a foot in Indonesia in her life until her trip in July 2017.  Suddenly she is an expert on Indonesian animals, Indonesian Zoos and Indonesian practices! LONNY TUNESE EMOTICON



Ha ha ha ha!  Rebecca A. Rodriguez is one of the funniest people we’ve ever encountered.  “One would expect a very well-thought-out plan, developed and executed by qualified professionals” ………. Just like you showed up at Bandung Zoo’s door, right Rebecca???!!!  With a very well-thought-out plan by “qualified professionals”??



You diminished your own opportunities to be the voice for the Animals of Indonesia by your disgraceful, embarrassing ignorance and lack of education, qualifications or preparation, lack of professionalism, outrageous demands, dishonest fundraiser and misleading petitions. 

In the end you EXPLOITED ANIMALS FOR MONEY and it’s a FACT the missing money – $65000 – was utilized by yourself for international flights, accommodation, expenses etc. when you and Alycia Barlow traveled to Greece, Germany, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Bali and Indonesia.  SHAME ON YOU!!!

How can anyone take you seriously?  Your ego is monumental and your ignorance, blissful!

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