Rebecca A. Rodriguez of One Animal World / Animal Time TV / Cook Vegan For Me : Never-ending abuse and bullying tactics!

Rodriguez fancies herself as some kind of extraordinary, amazing, God-like human who has spent her life helping animals!  As if nobody else has visited a dog shelter.  Or fostered an animal.  Or been involved in a capture, spay and release program for feral cats.  You know, things that every day, ordinary animal advocates do but never publish all over the web because they don’t need the constant attention and admiration that is so desperately sought by Rodriguez.

Unfortunately, this seems to have caused some megalomaniacal, delusional and irrational thoughts and possibly indicate to others that Rodriguez sometimes has a hard time determining what is truthful (real) and factual (make believe) and what is dishonest and pure made-up drivel. Rodriguez seems to believe because she writes it down or creates a misleading website that it automatically morphs into truth.

Rebecca A. Rodriguez is a bully.  And an extremely devious one at that.  Throughout her life she has purposefully bullied multiple individuals and organizations believing she is in a supreme position to call out any wrong-doing by someone and contacting the newspapers to further her lies and misinformation, all the while she is more guilty than any other person for the same behavior!

For a more in-depth look at Rodriguez click here : We are not sure why and how so many organizational names need to be created and utilized but it’s all utter rubbish!


In 1989 Rodriguez formed an animal welfare society on the Island of Guam. 30 years ago but constantly shows her certificates and publishes her remarkable achievement. Yawn.

Adams County Pet Rescue

For the full article on Adams County Pet Rescue : The truth about Rebecca Rodriguez’s involvement in Adams County Pet Rescue

In 2014 Rodriguez literally bamboozled Adams County Pet Rescue into believing she wanted to help the shelter rebuild after it tragically burnt down.  Management and staff were bullied and harassed so badly they resigned after Rodriguez’s involvement and strangely 1 of the positions at Adams County Pet Rescue was filled by Rodriguez’s partner and best friend Alycia Barlow’s daughter.  Also, donations are missing to the tune of $100000!

Bandung Zoo Sun Bears

Click here to read : Just how Rodriguez, Holmes, Barlow and Kleber exploited animals for profit!

In early 2017 after digging around for information on “animals in foreign countries” Rodriguez and her partner in crime Poo Holmes, stumbled upon a video created in May 2016 on the supposedly starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo.  Despite both Rodriguez and Holmes receiving direct evidence from multiple different wildlife experts and organizations that the sun bears WERE NOT STARVING and they were being helped by multiple organizations, they still decided to go ahead and dupe the public into falsely donating for those supposedly starving sun bears at Bandung Zoo.  The bears were never starving so the entire fundraiser is void.

Rodriguez (no credentials, no qualifications, no wildlife experience) and her “expert team” did no preparation before suddenly arriving at Bandung Zoo’s doors and demanding access to their sun bears and the other animals.  Bandung Zoo had just found out Rodriguez had been operating an illegal fundraiser for the sun bears of Bandung Zoo.  One can only imagine the confusion and outrage by Bandung Zoo who then asked the Indonesian Police to investigate and arrest Rodriguez for fraud.  Rodriguez fled Indonesia.  Once again her bullying and aggressive tactics failed her.

In December 2017 Rodriguez mysteriously closed the fundraiser at $65000.  (a) She repeatedly changed the beneficiaries – a direct violation of GoFundMe (b) She lied about her association with Bandung Zoo – a direct violation of GoFundMe (c) She mislead the public with bogus information on her updates – a direct violation of GoFundMe.  In fact the entire fundraiser is null and void for the simple fact THE SUN BEARS OF BANDUNG ZOO WERE NOT STARVING AND HAD NEVER BEEN STARVING.

$65000 raised and the named beneficiaries are still waiting – Bandung Zoo sun bears and animals, Mikey the Orphaned Orangutan in Sumatra and sun bears Tegan and Bedhu in Borneo. ALL RECEIVED $0!

mikand the orang in tiny cage

Poor little Orphaned Orangutan living in a tiny cage after his mother was killed.  Where is the new enclosure Rodriguez promised? $65000 raised and not 1 animal benefited.  Explain that!

oneanimalworld were building a sun bear enclosure

Tegan and Bedhu still awaiting their new enclosure.  Costs a mere $3500.  Rodriguez raised $65000 so why didn’t she donate for the construction of a new enclosure? She exploits animals for profit!

Cowlitz County Humane Society

Firstly, Rodriguez targets David Futcher.  See our article here : Rodriguez trying desperately to make a name for herself. Literally anything to get into the newspapers and media.

david futcher addresses rr on fb

David Futcher bullied, harassed and stalked by Rebecca A. Rodriguez

Then Rodriguez contacts the media and Josh Shapiro, Attorney General for Washington State trying to harass and bully the Cowlitz County Humane Society for a MINOR INFRACTION.  The Humane Society forgot to re-register as a Charity!!!!  Yes, for that Rodriguez went atomic!

Click here to read all about Rodriguez’s bullying and abusive tactics to get into the news : Rodriguez contacts Attorney General for a minor infraction – they didn’t get their registration in on time! Anything for fame and attention!

Hurricane Maria Pets Left Behind / Barks of Hope

We know there is a strange link between Rodriguez and Barks of Hope because why would they sanction Rodriguez in her personal capacity to take in donations from the public when she is not a legal entity of Barks of Hope????

barks of hope ss

Why is this fundraiser in duality that is you can either donate DIRECTLY to Barks of Hope or you can pay DIRECTLY to Rebecca Rodriguez?  Why is she hosting the fundraiser and not Barks of Hope Management?  Pray tell how exactly Barks of Hope Management know how much in donations go directly into Rodriguez’s bank account?  Do they have a joint bank account?  If they do that is highly unethical and if they don’t this is a bunch of bull!

Rodriguez also registered but the main operating page for Barks of Hope is this one :

proof rebecca is barksofhope

Rebecca Rodriguez never realized people would scrutinize her actions and dishonest behavior.  The registration has subsequently been hidden but here is the proof something very fishy going on. Washington Attorney General and IRS are investigating!

150 Fasano Dogs apparently held hostage by Mayor Francesco Zaccaria

Rodriguez claimed over many months that she was (a) working with the Mayor to release the sequestered dogs when in fact the Mayor has no clue who Rodriguez even is.  (b) She and her co-conspirator Poo Holmes create a petition bullying the Mayor and the Italian Government to work with Rodriguez and her “expert team”. (c) Wrote they would find ways to force the Mayor to work with them (d) She actually wrote the Mayor Francesco Zaccaria was holding the dogs hostage.  We wish Rodriguez would make her mind up.  Rodriguez went on to blame the whistle blowers for “undermining her international animal work” with the Fasano Mayor.  You cant undermine what does not exist except in your fantasy world!

So after a few months of the petition being live, what do we find?  You guessed it another GoFundMe fundraiser this time for the 150 dogs with whom they have ZERO involvement!

Here is the update to a previous article : 150 Fasano Dogs follow up

We hate to call it but there is something very wrong going on here.


Rodriguez continues to seriously harass, bully and stalk the people who ask the hard questions. She threatens everyone with legal action if they dare to question her alleged missions and there is no transparency or accountability for any of the funds she has raised EVER.  Explain that!  If she’s moral, ethical and legitimate where are the independently audited fundraisers that Rodriguez has run and continues to operate?


Adams County $125000

Bandung Zoo $65000

Fundraiser for Mikey Orangutan $200

150 Fasano dogs $10000

Hurricane Maria Pets Left Behind/Barks of Hope $6000

Lights, Camera, Animals! $33000

SAMPLING OF INDIVIDUALS AND ORGANIZATIONS BULLIED BY RODRIGUEZ AND HER BAND OF CRIMINALS and there are many more who stepped forward but a lot of people don’t want to tangle with Rodriguez because she is such horrible bully.  They want to extricate themselves from ever having the misfortune of meeting Rebecca A. Rodriguez!

david futcher addresses rr on fb
David Futcher, Cowlitz County
wildlifeplanet twitter rr also threatening to sue them
Rebecca Rodriguez attempts to harass, stalk and bully the author of Wildlife Planet and gets a result she never could have predicted instead.
poo bashing briony as psychic and mermaid
Poo Holmes mocking Briony Wolf and this is mild compared to the evidence we have.
cee4lies bashing paula againt and mocking her
Rebecca A. Rodriguez and her hate blog/page on Facebook targeting innocent members of the public Linda Talmage and Paula McKenzie-Mun’in for speaking their minds against Rodriguez’s bullying, manipulations and lies.
carole saying sf is fat and ugly
One of Rodriguez’s friends had a lot to say about Sybelle Foxcroft.  Again, this is mild compared to the evidence/screenshots.
stephanie buck stating rr threatened to sue her for asking too many questions
Stephanie Buck targeted and harassed and threatened if she dare spoke the truth about Rebecca A. Rodriguez of One Animal World / Cook Vegan For Me / Animal Time TV
Sandy Dye Carbaugh 1 of the very unfortunate members who worked on the Adams County Pet Rescue rebuild.  She has been bullied and victimized by Rodriguez.  There is an alarming pattern of dysfunctional behavior which includes mythomania, obsession, menacing and bullying.


rr and poo trashing sybelle saying she is a fraud who exploits animals and poo pretending

Rebecca A. Rodriguez and her best friend P Ooi Holmes having a go at Sybelle Foxcroft but the amusing thing is every single word they have utilized to describe Sybelle, they themselves are heavily guilty of!

Are these the types of people you want to bring into your organization as a consultant or for advice or recommendations?  Sorry, but there is a terrible history of lies, manipulation, misinformation, duplicity and exploiting animals for money along with constantly bullying and cyber-stalking anyone who dares to question all these alleged “animal missions” and the mystery of all the missing funds donated by the public to one of Rodriguez’s “animal in need” scenarios!

rat team

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