Rebecca Rodriguez + Tracey Kleber to blame for lonely death of dog in Fasano shelter!

As we all know, Rebecca Rodriguez loves to bamboozle the world with endless bull.  Whatever she can conjure up becomes factual.  It also becomes factual because she writes it down, thereby instantly giving whatever news immediate cohesion, credibility and merit.
Case in point Zinna, a very old dog who sadly at the age of 13, passed away in Fasano, Italy in May 2018.
zinna has died
And she calls HERSELF an animal lover. You are such a pathological liar, nobody can frankly keep up with you
Rebecca Rodriguez, via her hate blog Animal Rescue Deceivers, blamed everyone else for the death of Zinna. In fact, she specifically blamed Sybelle Foxcroft, Briony Wolf and Celia Athumani.  She used emotive wording and awful pictures.  But, what is fact and what is fiction?
animal rescue deceivers zinna dead May 2018 and dogs in snow
Rodriguez stole this image from the Facebook page of Quattrozampe Nel Cuore – Fasano to incite an emotional response and outrage at the people she alleges were involved in stopping her from saving Zinna!
Here is the original post by Quattrozampe Nel Cuore – Fasano’s Facebook page :
quattro fasano february post with dogs lying in the snow 1quattro fasano february post with dogs lying in the snow 2
Firstly, Rodriguez has been trying for over a year to force a Mayor in the town of Fasano, Italy to work with the “wonderful team” that makes up One Animal World / Animal House International.  She created a nasty, fake petition accusing the Mayor, Francesco Zaccaria, of holding 150 dogs sequestered under Italian law, hostage! She continued to harass and bully the Mayor and the Government members of Fasano via Facebook.  She made an utter fool of herself but of course, Rodriguez being the sociopath she is, barely batted an eyelid.
Rodriguez repeatedly wrote on numerous social media and her hate blog Animal Rescue Deceivers, how she was specifically working with the very same Mayor she was attempting to bully and stalk.  Makes perfect sense, right?  However, when this was pointed out to Rodriguez, she sidestepped the issue and zoomed in on the death of an elderly dog by the name of Zinna who passed away at the age of 13 at the Fasano Shelter.  Zinna died of old age.  Very, very tragic that this poor doggy died after spending her life inside a shelter.
Now, since Rodriguez was NOT working with the Mayor of Fasano, Francesco Zaccaria, and she was not working with the President of Quattrozampe Nel Cuore – Fasano, the people working tirelessly to help the 150 dogs of Fasano for over 2 years – how was she planning on saving Zinna?  She lives in Washington.  Is NOT involved with the dogs other than the fake, bullying petition and harassment of Italian authorities on Facebook. 
Rodriguez wants everyone to believe she was planning on saving Zinna, but how? She says she was looking to translocate Zinna to the Pacific Northwest but her partner – Tracey Kleber – in Animal House International – was at the actual shelter months before Zinna died.  Unlikely, improbable and false.  Look again at this screenshot………
zinna has died
Rebecca Rodriguez repeatedly lied about her involvement with the 150 Fasano dogs.  Rodriguez started a horrible petition bullying and harassing the Mayor of Fasano – Francesco Zaccaria – but then wrote she would find ways to FORCE the Mayor to work with her after he essentially ignored her and never even acknowledged her in any way.  And what about Quattrozampe Nel Cuore – Fasano, the people on the ground at the shelter FOR OVER 2 YEARS??  Are you saying they were negligent? (Pics of dogs in snow).
Then, what do we find? Rebecca Rodriguez’s partner in Animal House International is none other than Tracey Kleber.  Where has Kleber relocated to?  Puglia, Italy.  Literally next door to Fasano.
It is exactly 13.93 miles from where Kleber lives and the Fasano Shelter but for months and months THEY KNEW about Zinna’s predicament but STILL CHOSE TO DO NOTHING because the cameras weren’t there to film it all to paint Rodriguez and One Animal World / Animal House International in a good light!  Zinna didn’t get any help because there weren’t any cameras rolling!
The other fact of the matter is Kleber has been living in Puglia for many months prior to this and still chose to do nothing to help these dogs until we raised the issue of their fraudulent fundraiser “supposedly for the 150 dogs of Fasano”. Then suddenly Animal House International coughed up the $500 they had raised so far and donated it to Quattrozampe Nel Cuore – Fasano!
Here is evidence Tracey Kleber was at the shelter in December 2017, almost 6 months before Zinna died.
quattro tracey 7 november 2017 donating 1000 given by Steve Shapiro
Why didn’t Kleber adopt Zinna then and there and take her home?  Zinna did not need to be translocated to the Pacific Northwest!!!  Why didn’t the “Animal House International” “team” which consists of Rebecca Rodriguez and Tracey Kleber (who just happens to live in Puglia, Italy right next door to Fasano) help Zinna at that time?  She could have spent her last days in a home with a soft bed and good food and love.
THEY LEFT ZINNA THERE TO DIE and we know why! 
There were no cameras rolling because Rebecca Rodriguez and Alycia Barlow are in Washington and couldn’t capture it all on video so they did absolutely nothing for the dogs.
Their plan is to return to Italy so they can meddle with the 150 sequestered dog situation but they need money for their airfares and accommodation so they can fly back to Fasano and turn the rehoming of these 150 dogs into episodes for their own YouTube Channel : Animal Time TV on #animalheroes #animalhero from which they profit.  But guess who they expect to cough up the funds to fly them there for their film production? YOU JOE SMO the public!  Yep, another fundraiser “for” the 150 dogs.  Nope that money will cover airfare, accommodation, food etc. for Rebecca Rodriguez and Alycia Barlow!
Yet another freaking fundraiser for the 150 dogs of Fasano.  Goal $10000!!! 
fasano gfm 1
And another thing.  Did they buy Zinna a soft, plush bed and some warm, snuggly blankets before turning their backs on her and abandoning her there for the remainder of her life?  Did they provide medication for her arthritic pain?  Did they alleviate her suffering in any way whatsoever?  NO THEY LEFT ZINNA THERE TO DIE ALONE IN HER KENNEL because it wasn’t profitable for them to help her ie Rodriguez and Barlow weren’t there to film it all!  That’s why!!
Hypocritical, deceitful scam artists who write whatever they want and expect the gullible public to believe their endless bull!  We are sick of the hypocrites.  We are sick of the lies.  We are sick of the manipulation! FFS, just STOP LYING and STOP FUNDRAISING for your flights, accommodation and travels. Get a real job and save up for your projects!!
And she (they) call themselves animal lovers!


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