Keeping up with Rebecca A. Rodriguez (rebrod) of One Animal World aka Animal Time TV now Cook Vegan For Me!

Using, business operating names and variations of those names is a con-artists most favorite modus operandi.

fugly cropped
Rebecca Rodriguez

donut of rats businesses

We literally have to check ourselves at least once a week to see which name Rebecca Rodriguez is operating with and what fundraiser is running at the same time for some alleged animal work somewhere in the world.  From transporting a pea hen to trying to raise funds for already completed projects, Rodriguez will literally stop at nothing to get her hands on public donations, funnel them into one of her companies and then turn around and use the donations for film production costs. (The animals utilized in the various fundraisers………… what animals?)

The films always benefit and profit guess who? Rebecca Rodriguez and her “expert team” (film production crew) who we have proven will do just about anything to get their hands on public money and their names into a newspaper somewhere.  Anywhere!

rats operating companies with websites and links

No wonder con-artists love intermingling companies, similar names and moving back and forth each month to determine which one is going to be utilized at any given time for maximum benefit (money/donations)! We don’t blame the public for being confused because unless you are paying attention, it all looks so professional and legitimate, right?  Nicely polished websites (We wonder where Rodriguez gets all this money for the thousands of domains she owns, operates, updates and utilizes because as we are all well aware, Rodriguez does not work.)

Here’s some screenshots to help you understand the duplicity being perpetrated by Rodriguez and her expert team, mostly Alycia Barlow, P Ooi Holmes and Tracey Kleber.  It truly puzzles me that these frauds sleep at night.

one animal world FOR PROFIT
Note : One Animal World is a FOR PROFIT COMPANY. 2017 : One Animal World is a creation of RebRod LLC.
animal time tv partner is one animal world lolol
Confusing the public once again. We go to website and what do we find?  As if they are 2 unrelated, separate operating companies, AnimalTimeTV claims they are “partnering with One Animal World, a US based Charity!”.  Both are owned and operated by Rebecca Rodriguez!
paypal donate to one animal world purpose animal time
So if you go to page it has been updated and registered as a Charity now but that’s not the only misleading and fraudulent thing that occurs.  When you click the “donate” button, this is what your screen says : “Donate to One Animal World Foundation, Purpose Animal Time”.  It’s a fact that Animal Time LLC is a FOR-PROFIT Company and both One Animal World Foundation and Animal Time are owned and operated by Rebecca Rodriguez!
one animal world donate to REGISTERED CHARITY
Attempting to confuse the public, the previous for-profit company One Animal World ( has now miraculously appeared as a registered “Charity” with a slight variation of the name but appearing on the!  It’s now morphed into One Animal World Foundation at the same website.
donate animal time tv or not for profit one animal world
Now again intermingling Animal Time (non-deductible donation – not a Charity) you are asked to donate to Animal Time LLC but hey if you would feel better, donate to our “foundation partner” One Animal World Foundation – both owned and operated by Rebecca Rodriguez!

Now as we reveal the ever changing narrative and websites and names being utilized, we now found Rodriguez is reverting to using “Animal Centric” from which she is now mostly operating.

animal centric is rr and alycia
Animal Centric appeared around April 2016 on YouTube with the hashtag “animal house tv”.  Animal Centric is Rebecca Rodriguez and Alycia Barlow who had 35 views on YouTube.  They were and continue to be unknown poser “animal advocates”
patreon for animal centric
CALLING FOR DONATIONS via Patreon as Animal Centric, asking for donations for who knows what.  Whatever Rodriguez and Barlow can dream up! is no longer in operation and so far it hasn’t been reopened.

Now 2018, running out of names from which to defraud the public, Rebecca A. Rodriguez has reverted back to using the Animal Centric moniker.  This is how it has been updated :

animal centric part 1
Animal Centric has turned over and been morphed into addressing the US government and animal laws because 70% of Americans love animals according to Rebecca Rodriguez! We’re not sure why Rodriguez is attempting to fundraise for this because sending emails and making telephone calls doesn’t require a whole bunch of money!
animal centric part 2
Suddenly Rebecca Rodriguez has become a world-wide, recognized animal representative, animal advocate, vegan (but supports a big game hunter) and animal activist (ha ha ha) who wants you to believe she is capable of influencing the Senate when it comes to animal matters.  This person who left school at 16 and has zero qualifications or credentials or even experience.  Makes perfect sense, right? So go ahead now, donate to “Animal Centric”!
donate to animal centric but funds go to rebrod
And for those who aren’t paying attention <sigh> you got it, donate to Rebecca Rodrigue’z FOR PROFIT company RebRod LLC for the purpose of Animal Centric. Round and round and round we go!

deja poo


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