A full analysis of Rebecca A. Rodriguez of Animal Time TV aka One Animal World and now Cook Vegan For Me!

Taking a critical look at the duplicitous and evil behavior of Rebecca A. Rodriguez, who she is, what she does and how she operates.  It all pertains to animals and fundraising.  The fundraising never benefits the animals.  The fundraising is often (mostly) 100% dishonest and utilizing blatant lies, serves only to line Rodriguez’s bank account and quest for fame. (Don’t believe us?  Keep reading and see the proof for yourself!)

Rodriguez loves to tell a story.  The story looks and sounds legitimate and professional but if you scratch the gold off, the rust shows.

Rebecca Rodriguez is also known as Rebecca A. Rodriguez or Beccy Rodriguez.

The company or operating names she uses include : Animal Time TV, Lucky Head Films, Animal Centric, One Animal World, One Animal World Foundation, Animal Time LLC, Animal Time, Pacific Animal Society, Indonesia Animal Welfare Society, Flight Foundation and Lights, Camera, Animals!

The trick to understanding all these fundraisers is to read every single line very carefully.  Take the story apart.  That is where you will find the truth.  There is never, ever any commitment in any of these fundraisers that commit a specific Dollar amount to any specific animal / animal mission.  Therein lies the key. 

There is so much evidence, so much fraud, so much duplicity, even trying to summarize it succinctly is very difficult.  So I apologize for the length of this post. But I’m providing you with a pattern of behavior that proves Rodriguez exploits animals for money and fame.  It’s very sad indeed because funds are being diverted from legitimate organizations and animal missions.


In 2014 Rodriguez talked her way into being able to turn the rebuilding of an animal shelter into a film production! Something she would produce with her “expert team” and something she could profit from and something which benefitted her and her usual accomplices and got her into the press.  For her “animal work” you see. 

adams county people
It’s all about press, fame, acknowledgement for Rebecca Rodriguez.  The same “specialist, expert team” that accompanies Rodriguez on all her “animal projects” can be seen here : Alycia Barlow, Dan Allen, Miguel Abi-Hassan!

She took in $100000 under the guise of operating a “Charity” which she told to the Mayor of Othello, Sean Logan, Management and team of Adams County Pet Rescue, volunteers and the Press!  She alleged she was operating “Animal House Charity” which did not exist at the time.  “Animal House” was only registered as a Charity 3 years after the completion of this project.  That $100000 is still unaccounted for.

animal house international foundation llc registration on 26 october 2017
26 October 2017 Animal House registered as a nonprofit corporation, 3 years after claiming she was operating the Animal House Charity while working on the Adams County Pet Rescue rebuild

I’m not sure why Rodriguez considers this project a success and publishes all over the web about this “accomplishment” because Rodriguez actually did absolutely nothing but cause discord, chaos and used bullying and underhanded tactics within this project.  Rodriguez also clearly did none of the hard work.  Adams County Pet Rescue had themselves raised all the donations ($250 000), had already secured a piece of land for the construction and had done all the slog by the time Rodriguez and her film production crew landed. 

Then there was the issue of a $25000 grant.  In order for Rebecca Rodriguez, “animal activist” and supposed “animal lover” to get her grubby little hands on that $25000 grant she had to force Adams County Pet Rescue to perform spay/neuters on elderly pets, operations they had all previously voted against doing due to the high risk of fatalities.  In other words, ACPR would be FORCED to spay/neuter older animals even with all the associated risks so Rodriguez could get the $25000 grant!  Money over animals, that’s what Rodriguez chose.  Wonderful world-wide animal work “accomplishment”.  Oh yes! Not!

The entire “production” was complete and utter chaos.  Many ACPR staff and management resigned in disgust after being subjected to Rodriguez’s underhanded, duplicitous and dishonest manipulation and dealings.  The other people involved managed to pull the entire rebuild off but Rodriguez and her film production crew took all the glory.  And the animals that Rodriguez “helped”? Please explain HOW IT WAS REBECCA RODRIGUEZ WHO HELPED THESE ANIMALS???  She did not raise the donations, she did not find the land, she did not organize sponsorship, she did not fulfill her legally mandated agreement and she put animals’ lives at risk!


In very early 2017, Rebecca Rodriguez and her various accomplices : Poo Holmes, Alycia Barlow, Tracey Kleber and Marison Guciano decided they had cottoned on to an idea to make a whole boatload of money and get to be in the newspapers again!

Despite all of them reaching out to multiple, independent wildlife authorities regarding the “starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo” prior to their fundraiser they were specifically told that the sun bears were not starving and had never been starving.  If that was the case the fundraiser and mission are defunct/void/have no merit, right?

wild welfare sun bears ok
Dave Morgan, wildlife expert, independently asserts that the sun bears of Bandung Zoo are in overall good condition.  NOT starving!

and that Bandung Zoo is being helped since early May 2016 by PKBSI and Taman Safari Bogor joined by Cee4Life in 2017.  They were repeatedly informed Bandung Zoo was being consistently upgraded over time with multiple enclosure upgrades etc.  There were no starving animals.  If there are no starving animals what is the fundraiser really for?  Answer that! 

Thus, KNOWING THE SUN BEARS AND OTHER ANIMALS ARE NOT STARVING, ARE NOT SUFFERING, DO NOT HAVE TB etc. etc. what do they decide to do?  Why they start a freaking fundraiser for the “starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo”!!!!!!  Yes, on GoFundMe, Rodriguez and Poo Holmes tell the world the sun bears ARE starving.  They are so hungry they eat their own feces to survive!!! 

reaching up for food sun bear

They also update the GoFundMe.com and Care2.org and Change.org petitions with a constant stream of utter fabrication.  All a gigantic ploy to pocket some serious money.  And that is EXACTLY what they did.  They raised $65000 and then vanished with the majority of the funds after paying out around $4000 to organizations/people/animals who weren’t even named/identified beneficiaries!

Remember the supposed starving sun bears they were fundraising for and so concerned about?  Didn’t get a dime!  Oh yes, wonderful world-wide accomplishments for animals!

At this juncture we discover yet another fundraiser!


What did we find in May 2018?

lights camera animals
One Animal World aka Animal Time TV (Rebecca Rodriguez) is pumping Lights, Camera, Animals! A new docu-series launching on her YouTube Channel about “animal heroes” which you the public must again fund while all the attention and fame gets focused on Rodriguez and actually doesn’t help 1 animal!

Why yet another fundraiser this time hosted by Tracey Kleber, another “expert team member” of Rebecca Rodriguez this time using Indiegogo fundraiser, supposedly trying to raise $32600 to showcase “animal heroes” around the world.

animal house around the world run by kleber
Operated by Tracey Kleber, supposedly of La Center but Kleber lives in Puglia Italy not the USA.  Asking for $32600 so that she and Rodriguez can profit from producing “Lights, Camera, Animals” while the dumb public foots the bill!  Amazing!

And what might you ask is $32600 for?  Why of course, it’s all expenses related to film production! Gee, what a surprise! All nicely packaged into fooling you into believing you are actually helping animals somewhere in the world!  And let’s not forget Rodriguez has her own equipment, her own film-editing software, her own film production company so exactly what ARE all these costs?  Remember, read every single line.  There you will find the truth!  https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/animal-house-around-the-world#/

how funds will be used

Guess what?  Rebecca A.Rodriguez accompanied by surprise, surprise her best friend and flying monkey partner Alycia Barlow during the months November 2017 to January 2018 managed to finance several international holidays which coincided nicely with the missing donations from the Sun Bears campaign : http://www.gofundme.com/sunbearsindonesia 

They traveled to Germany, Greece, Italy, Mexico, Bali, Puerto Rico and Indonesia visiting animal shelters and capturing raw footage for their new idea on “animal heroes” “Lights, Camera, Animals” about individuals who operate on the “fringes of society” while trying to help animals.  Sounds good, right? Nope!

Now they’ve just spent the money that legally belonged to the sun bears of Bandung Zoo on financing their travels, accommodation, food and innoculations etc!  Ask Rodriguez or Barlow if they are trust fund babies?  Neither of them work!  How exactly did they put together thousands of Dollars for all these holidays? 

Like I said, amazingly, it all coincided with the missing funds from http://www.gofundme.com/sunbearsindonesia

greece struggling pound on slaughterhouse
Proof they were in Greece
alycia comforts dog in pr
Proof they were in Puerto Rico
alycia and rat on train to puglia
Proof they were in Italy
indi animal house around the world fundraiser 7
Read top right where they image of the Hyena is. Proof they were in Mexico.

Proof of Rodriguez and Barlow’s travels, see above.


In and around April we see Rebecca Rodriguez trying to bully and force the Mayor of Fasano Italy, Francesco Zaccaria, (with whom she has had zero dealings despite repeatedly writing that she is working directly with him), to work specifically with Rodriguez and her “expert team” by trying to insert herself into the issue of 150 dogs who have been sequestered per government instructions in a small town in Italy, the town of Fasano. 

So how does Rodriguez help the animals of Fasano?  She and her co-conspirator Poo Holmes, utilize their tried and tested method : 1st Create a harassing, bullying, slanderous petition and rile the public up.  2nd Conjoin another GoFundMe fundraiser, supposedly for the 150 dogs.  Rodriguez suddenly has her co-conspirator Tracey Kleber living in Puglia Italy to host the GoFundMe. 

fasano gfm 1
Tracey Kleber supposedly now living in Reading Philadelphia (but lives in Puglia Itay) is now fundraising supposedly for the 150 dogs sequestered in a shelter in Fasano Italy.

The goal is to raise $10000 “for the 150 dogs of Fasano”.  Now of course, the 1st question must be, what is that $10000 for specifically?

Thanks to the discovery of this fraudulent fundraiser the Trustees overseeing the 150 dogs are alerted and suddenly Tracey Kleber was forced to hand over the $500 already raised directly to the Trustees!  It remains to be seen exactly how much of that $10000 is going to actually benefit the dogs moving forward!  We surmise, thanks to our pressure campaign, Kleber and Rodriguez may just be forced to turn over the full $10000 to Quattrozampe Nel Cuore Fasano, putting a spanner in the works because Rodriguez intended on using the majority of these funds to cover international flights and accommodation from the Pacific Northwest to Italy for herself and co-conspirator Alycia Barlow for what? For film production, friends!!!! 

It will become an episode for their YouTube Channel! Time will tell how the remaining $9500 will be spent.  Watch this space!  Fame and money are the root of all evil!  Benefit/accomplishments to/for the animals?  Absolutely nothing!  Just another scam they’ve been called out on!


Rebecca Rodriguez has a convoluted and complicated history with Barks of Hope in Puerto Rico.  She even registered http://www.barksofhope.us which is highly suspicious since she is not a legal representative or affiliate of Barks of Hope. The main operating website for Barks of Hope is this : http://www.barksofhope.org

Why did Rebecca Rodriguez register barksofhope.us? That is fraud! She is not a legal entity or representative of Barks of Hope. She has been fundraising for Barks of Hope but how is she held legally accountable for all those incoming donations?

Rodriguez ran another GoFundMe fundraiser supposedly for the “pets left behind after Hurricane Maria” for Barks of Hope but instead of donating directly to Barks of Hope, she set it up so donations are paid directly to her.  Her goal was $20000.  She publically raised $6000 but how much was paid in direct contributions to Rodriguez’s Paypal account Rebrod LLC? (Just like sun bears’ fundraiser). Where is proof she transferred these funds to Barks of Hope? How does Barks of Hope even know how much Rodriguez took in unless they have access to her bank account and clearly, they don’t.  How does IRS keep track of all these “donations”?

gofundme barks of hope 1
Barks of Hope fundraiser closed at $6000.  Where is the proof that Barks of Hope received this money?  What about all the direct payments to Rebecca Rodriguez? How does Barks of Hope know how much was given by the public?  How does the IRS keep track of all this incoming money? Very strange indeed.

And while all these fundraisers and missions are operating, Rebecca Rodriguez is still conning the public via her website http://www.oneanimalworld.com What do we mean?


One Animal World continues to be a source of money for Rodriguez.  She funnels donations into her for-profit corporation RebRod LLC.  She asks for donations for animal-related situations she has no involvement with.  She asks for donations for completed projects!  Yes really!  Here are a selection of all the One Animal World push for donations, supposedly helping some animals somewhere in the world…….. Just take your pick and use your imagination!

After Rebecca Rodriguez fled Indonesia after a warrant for her arrest was issued (for fraudulently fund raising for the sun bears) she now wants you to pay her to scrutinize Indonesia-animal matters because she’s the expert!
Donate $10000 “for the 150 dogs of Fasano” held sequestered in a shelter. Rodriguez is not involved with the dogs but bullies and harasses the Mayor of Fasano –  Francesco Zaccaria with an intimidating petition about these dogs! Meanwhile there are Italian trustees on the ground fighting for the dogs who are already heavily involved in helping them.
one animal world donate to help rr foster puppies
Donate so Rebecca Rodriguez can foster dogs? WTF people? How many fosters do you know that do this for their love of animals and not for money from the public! Unbelievable. And all that travel Rodriguez does…. helping animals “all over the world”… How is she going to foster dogs when she’s never home?
one animal world will inspire compassion through film
Oh yes, please donate so Rodriguez can create more films on animals which result in self-help : Money, fame and attention.
one animal world donate to assist pets in puerto rico with fundraiser for hurricane maria
Working to improve the conditions of the animals in Puerto Rico. What does that even mean? Donate to or for what????
one animal world asking for donations because she developed a web page for barks of hope
Having already raised an additional $6000 via a very misleading GoFundMe, asking for funds for Barks of Hope who already earn over $150000 per annum. Why does Rebecca Rodriguez need donations paid to herself for Barks of Hope?
one animal world 9 september 2018 asking for reading house
Asking for donations as late as September 2018 for a reading house in Sumatra. The reading house was built and completed in August 2017. Fraud!
one animal world 9 september 2018 cowlitz county accountable
Rodriguez has already bullied a Councilman in Cowlitz County. Now she expects the public to pay so she can bully and intimidate the Humane Society of Cowlitz County. What the frack does she need donations for? So she can make a phone call or send an email?
one animal world 9 september 2018 special needs dogs sanctuary
Donate to a special needs sanctuary? Run by One Animal World? Where is this supposed sanctuary? Is it already constructed? Who will run the sanctuary since One Animal World is Rebecca A. Rodriguez, 1 person.





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