Just who is Rebecca A. Rodriguez? Confused? Don’t be! We got it!

Only con-artists and shady characters find it necessary to almost plagiarize names and business names.  If someone doesn’t operate under 1 company name, immediately there must be questions as to why not?  Exactly what are the benefits of utilizing names and multiple variations of those names?  Anyone will tell you, people with a lot to hide use multiple business names from which they operate.

Confused? Don’t be. We have it covered.

Case in point – Rebecca Rodriguez who also goes by Rebecca A. Rodriguez and Rebecca Ann Rodriguez and an entire host of other names, some seemingly purposefully misspelled, others not, utilizes an entire jumble of “business” names usually for raising funds for “animal-related work” and “film-making opportunities”.

donut of rats businesses

Those companies with * after their names are the FOR PROFIT companies owned and operated by Rodriguez!

As she has been exposed over the years she has mysteriously inter-changed and moved around operating from within several business names and variations of those names.  The public, usually not paying too much attention, fail to see the legal implications of all this ducking and diving. 

There are very real issues with all these variations and it usually involves money (tax evasion) (misuse of donations) and circumventing the IRS (Internal Revenue Service of United States of America) laws.  Rodriguez and her friends are currently under investigation from multiple Law Enforcement Agencies in the United States, Australia, South Africa and Indonesia for a multitude of fiscal and illegal acts.  Stay tuned.  Soon we will have updates on their investigation.

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