Rebecca A. Rodriguez and Poo Holmes of One Animal World (aka Pacific Animal Society) continue to be the laughing stock of the animal welfare world!

On any one of Rebecca Rodriguez and Poo Holmes of One Animal World’s several vile, nasty slanderous hate pages, one can find the most amusing effluent emanating.
cee4lies a wild animal is not a pet or a photo op
Coming from people who do just about anything for some attention and fame who constantly take photos or film of their “beautiful work for the world” such as picking up trash or, wonders of wonders, actually fostering a dog (gasp) they continue to harass, stalk and bully the organizations and people who have taken them to task for their on-going lies, on-going manipulation and on-going fraud as is evidenced from the screenshot above.
rebecca alycia at sanctuary
Look how amazing we are! We visited a pig at a sanctuary! Quick! Photograph!
Look how amazing I am! I picked up trash! Quick! Photograph!
one animal world donate to help rr foster puppies
Wow! Rebecca Rodriguez fosters dogs! (gasp) And asks for funds from the public to do it! Unlike millions of fosters in the world who do foster work out of pure love and not for money or some attention!
rebecca in puerto rico suntanned with bathing suit on
Rebecca Rodriguez visited a dog shelter while on holiday in Puerto Rico! An actual real, life dog (gasp) Quick! Photo!
These people are an embarrassing joke in the animal welfare arena.  None of them has accomplished anything meaningful for any animal in their entire lives.  And if picking up trash, scamming $65000 from needy animals at Bandung Zoo and visiting a pig at sanctuary is to be lauded, well then bring out the champagne and caviar and we will all congratulate you on all your world-wide animal work and accomplishments because you just know everyone is just so envious and jealous of you!


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