“Shut down all Zoos! Boycott Zoos! Boycott Indonesia!” shouts Rebecca A. Rodriguez and P Ooi Holmes LOL!

Rebecca A.Rodriguez and her “expert team” were all involved in fundraising specifically FOR a Zoo.  That Zoo was Bandung Zoo in Indonesia.  Rodriguez and her team claimed the sun bears at Bandung Zoo were starving and eating their own feces to survive! They were in critical condition.  The Zoo was TB-infested.  There was unchecked breeding.  There were lactating females but no cubs. Bandung Zoo was sent meat for the carnivores from New Zealand because there was no food. The b.s. was endless and relentless.

rr the c again saying the sun bears are lactating and many other statement of fact

And it just went on and on and on.  All total, outright bullshit to bolster their petition and ensure maximum dividends from their diametrically-opposed, blatantly misleading and false GoFundMe fundraiser : http://www.gofundme.com/sunbearsindonesia.  Shut down the Zoo or help the Zoo? Their viewpoints change as the money comes in! 

A jumbled chaos of misinformation fed to the public with stupidly-opposing positions.  On the one hand you have a petition calling for Bandung Zoo to be closed by “expert team member” Poo Holmes while “expert team member” Rebecca Rodriguez is fundraising for Bandung Zoo!

So this went on over many months.  The most outrageous slander and defamatory ramblings of a clearly psychologically-disturbed individual – Poo Holmes – were put out on an official petition to the President of Indonesia Joko Widodo.

Months of fundraising FOR Bandung Zoo and the “suffering animals there”. So these idiots are actually FUNDRAISING FOR A ZOO. But then suddenly do a 180 when Rebecca Rodriguez is accused of fraud by Bandung Zoo (She never had permission to fundraise for their animals and they had no idea who she was) and the Police are looking for her so they can arrest her.  She flees Indonesia and returns to La Center, Washington, USA.

Now suddenly the “expert team” are all AGAINST ZOOS.  Boycott all Zoos!  Boycott Indonesia!  Boycott Bandung Zoo! (But we get to keep the $65000 we raised FOR Bandung Zoo because now we are opposed to Zoos.)  How convenient!!

one animal world boycott indonesia
One Animal World aka Rebecca Rodriguez : Boycott Indonesia
poo tweeting mayor to boycott bandung
Poo’s petition : Shut down Bandung Zoo but don’t forget to donate for Bandung Zoo! (2 contradictory, opposing viewpoints numbnuts!) Can’t get their story straight!
ooi boycott indonesia
Poo tweeting Boycott Indonesia

Then, what do we find?  An” oh-my-dear moment”.  Part and parcel of Rodriguez’s “expert team” is Dan Allen, an “Otter specialist”.  Is Dan Allen also opposed to Zoos?  You know, in keeping with Rodriguez and Holmes’ new position?

Bunch of professional idiots who can’t keep their stories straight!

Dan Allen tweets he is NOT opposed to all Zoos!

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