Rebecca A. Rodriguez claims : Everyone else is lying but me! But that’s not the truth is it?

Rebecca A. Rodriguez and her “expert team” Poo Holmes, Alycia Barlow, Tracey Kleber and Marison Guciano
fugly cropped
Rebecca Rodriguez

of One Animal World (Animal Time TV aka Lucky Head Films, Pacific Animal Society and now Cook Vegan For Me) claim everybody else is lying about Bandung Zoo ……… except them of course! The actual individuals involved in fleecing $65000 from the public and then disappearing with the money.  What a joke! But they are the honest ones!  Yes, really!  Makes perfect sense!
i love money
Bandung Zoo is lying!
Scorpion Wildlife Trade Monitoring Group is lying!
PKBSI is lying!
Cee4Life is lying!
Cee4Life supporters are lying!
Yet none of these organizations raised $65000 from the public via GoFundMe for the “starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo” and disappeared with the funds.  Everyone is lying except the people who stole the money!
1) Bandung Zoo was built in 1932 at a time almost nothing was known about captive animals and their needs! Early in 2016 the owner of Bandung Zoo was diagnosed with cancer and he could not fulfil his duties.  He immediately reached out to Taman Safari Bogor’s owner, his good friend, wildlife expert Tony Sumampau who early in May 2016 arrived at Bandung Zoo with PKBSI (Indonesian governmental body who oversees animals, zoos and aquariums in Indonesia) to ensure the zoo was upgraded and the animals received the level of care he wanted for them.  Bandung Zoo committed to upgrading many of the enclosures and improving their standard of care.  They are also the first zoo in Indonesia who committed to implementing the 5 freedoms for their animals.
Subsequently, Bandung Zoo has unveiled multiple animal enclosure upgrades and improvements throughout the Zoo during 2017 and 2018 with no help from Rebecca Rodriguez despite her huge fundraiser for the “starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo”.  Incredible isn’t it?
Bandung Zoo ousted Rebecca A. Rodriguez for fraud.  She fund-raised without their permission or knowledge and then she had the gall to arrive at their doors without any prior contact and demand access to their animals.  Rodriguez has absolutely no wildlife qualifications or credentials.  Why would Bandung Zoo agree to any of her demands and based on her fraudulent and dishonest behavior, why would they welcome her?  She was slated to be arrested for fraud when she fled Indonesia!
Click here : Bandung Zoo asks Police to investigate Rebecca Rodriguez for fraud!
And guess what? After raising $65000 of the public’s money for the sun bears of Bandung Zoo, Rodriguez refused to donate even $1 to them.  This is fraudulent and in direct violation of GoFundMe’s express terms and conditions!
But they are lying right!??  Rodriguez claims she gave Bandung Zoo the full $65000!  Absolute and total lies!
2) Scorpion Wildlife Trade Monitoring Group also lied when they made public that Rebecca Rodriguez refused to donate $1 to the “starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo” or Mikey the orphaned Orangutan at Kandi Zoo whose story and images she used in the fundraiser.  Yep, Scorpion Monitor are also lying!
scorpion ousts rat 1scorpion ousts rat 2scorpion ousts rat 3
3) PKBSI were on the ground at Bandung Zoo from May 2016 long before Rebecca Rodriguez and her “expert team members” “fund-raised” for Bandung Zoo in 2017.  If PKBSI AND Taman Safari Bogor were on the ground in Bandung Zoo and Cee4Life were there too, what was Rebecca fundraising for????  Please explain!  Nope, PKBSI, Cee4Life and everybody else is lying, right? 
Rodriguez’s entire mission was total and absolute nonsense!  She utilized the video produced in May 2016 with alarming descriptions of animal abuse at Bandung Zoo.  She and Poo Holmes pushed out, almost daily, outright blatant manipulative lies to get the public to donate for those “needy animals” yet the mission is a defunct one.  A dishonest one.  A misleading one!  The public has been totally scammed into donating to fund Rodriguez’s lifestyle and dreams of money and fame!
pkbsi working with bandung since may 2016
PKBSI / Bandung Zoo tweets since 15 May 2016
3) Here’s another interesting observation. 
Rebecca Rodriguez legally registered a Charity in the immediate months preceding the campaign, in fact on 3 February 2017. 
Now if she had a registered Charity all set up, why weren’t the funds from the sun bears’ fundraiser going into the Charity?  Why was the money funneled into her for-profit company : RebRod LLC
She avoided IRS and Charity fiscal accountability by doing this!  She purposefully circumvented the legal ramifications that would have ensured she used the money for it’s intended purpose in a transparent and accountable manner and she knew all along she had no intention of handing any of these donations to the rightful beneficiaries which SHE named! I’m pretty sure that’s what one would call a con, a scam, thievery, lies, theft and outrageously dishonest behavior!
So she never used the Charity and for good reason! To avoid being held legally accountable for the funds she raised
There are just no words left to describe this purposefully dishonest, unethical and highly fraudulent behavior! Disgusting poser animal advocates exploiting animals and the public for money!
Everybody else is lying! 
Except the persons who were involved in the theft and disappearance of $65000 from supposedly desperately needy animals!  The “starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo”, Mikey the orphaned Orangutan, sun bears Tegan and Bedhu and all the other animals whose imagery and stories were used in!


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