Food for thought! Soooo many animals helped by Rebecca A. Rodriguez right? Wow!

Supposedly, Rebecca A. Rodriguez is an animal advocate, a catalyst for change, “President of One Animal World” (A 1 man show), fighting for animals, opposes zoos etc. etc. A “force to be reckoned with” (LOL).

fugly cropped
Rebecca Rodriguez of One Animal World / Animal Centric 

She has raised hundreds of thousands of Dollars for various “animal-related missions”!  All for suffering, desperate animals in dire consequences right?  Some of these animals it was written, were so hungry they ate their own feces to survive!  Others were confined to tiny cages and were orphaned. Still more needed to be rescued and internationally relocated!

So, after Rebecca A. Rodriguez, Poo Holmes, Alycia Barlow, Tracey Kleber and Marison Guciano of One Animal World have identified these suffering animals and have successfully raised tons of money supposedly for them, how is it NONE OF THEM have seen even $1 or received ANY HELP WHATSOEVER?!

Explain that!

Let’s examine one of Rebecca Rodriguez’s fundraisers :

Supposedly for the “starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo” who Rebecca Rodriguez cried over! In such dire circumstances they were eating their own feces just to survive, right?  Uses GoFundMe and raises $65000.

gfm help the starving sun bears

How much is actually given to “starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo”? ZERO!

Any veterinary supplies, building supplies, food or anything given to “starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo? NOTHING!

Rodriguez includes an orphaned Orangutan in this GoFundMe fundraiser.  His name is Mikey.  He’s in Sumatra.  At the time Rodriguez inserts Mikey into the fundraiser, she has already taken in $45000 in public donations!!  Mikey’s new enclosure construction costs just $3700.  She has cash on hand already. 

please donate for mikey

Does she donate the $3700 for the construction? NO!  But what she does is keeps his story and imagery in the fundraiser and raises who knows how much with Mikey’s plea.  Now isn’t that just blatantly misleading and fraudulent?  Why didn’t Rodriguez donate $3700 from the $45000 she already had?

mikand the orang in tiny cage

It gets even better, or worse, depending on where you are sitting.  Rodriguez already has the money for Mikey’s new enclosure and she has included him in the sun bears’ GoFundMe campaign.  So despite having the cash on hand, what does Rebecca do? 

Why she creates another, separate fundraiser for Mikey, hosted by herself, with a goal of $7000!  Now everyone already knows the new enclosure only costs $3500 so why is she fundraising for $7000?  And why another fundraiser?  By her own actions, Rodriguez is a dishonest, lying, unethical traitor and animal exploiter!

rr has mikey fundraiser on private fb

Then Rodriguez inserts 2 additional sun bears into the fundraiser.  Their names are Tegan and Bedhu.  She includes their story and how they are desperate for a new enclosure.  The enclosure will cost around $3000.  Now again, Rodriguez has around $50000 in the GoFundMe at the time.  Does she give $3000 for their new enclosure? NO!  She continues to fundraise!  Supposedly for them!


after rr stopped crying over tegan and bedhu

So now we have the sun bears of Bandung Zoo, Mikey the orangutan plus 2 sun bears Tegan and Bedhu.  All utilized in Rodriguez’s fundraiser and her 2nd fundraiser for Mikey.  She gathers $65000 in public donations and the result?


And remember, these were all animals that she was “so upset” about!  Desperate, needy animals in critical situations!  Yet she couldn’t find it in her heart to give them anything? What supposed “animal advocate” operates and behaves this way? An authentic, legitimate animal advocate? No! This is a poser animal advocate exploiting animals for money!


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