Inciting hatred with dire consequences! Rebecca A. Rodriguez + P Ooi Holmes encourage bullying, stalking and harassment!

Unfortunately, the world is full of unethical and abusive trolls who spend most of their lives purposefully harassing people with an opposing viewpoint.  They also incite and encourage bullying, cyber-stalking, harassment and oftentimes violence.  This is a very dangerous “game” that is becoming an all too frequent occurrence and seems to be escalating especially in the “animal welfare arena”.
The world is also apparently full of uneducated miscreants who blindly follow the abusive troll leaders.  Without question.  We encourage members of the public to do their due diligence, irrespective of the matter at hand.  Whether it’s an “animal in crisis situation” or a “fundraiser for an animal crisis”.  You owe it to yourself to do as much investigation as you would expect from a major news outlet.  Otherwise, you could be incited to harass, stalk and bully innocent individuals who have in reality done nothing wrong and have nothing to gain or hide.
Realistically, ask yourself.  Why is the troll leader saying that?  What do they have to gain from saying that? Is what they are telling me true? Who has the most to gain and who has the most to lose?
Unfortunately, as has been evidenced, Rebecca A. Rodriguez a poser animal advocate of the organization Animal Time TV (aka Animal Time LLC, Cook Vegan For Me, One Animal World, Pacific Animal Society etc. etc.) along with her co-conspirators Alycia Barlow (Alycia Barlow), Tracey Kleber and Poo Holmes have succeeded in duping the public into believing a convoluted tale by manipulating and abusing, and to achieve this.  This has given them the attention they so desperately crave. This has also resulted in massive abuse of anyone who has dared to question their mission, motives *and* the missing money.
Again, asking the public to use their God-given intelligence, we ask that you inquire directly from Rebecca Rodriguez – – and her accomplice Poo Holmes – – and ask the following questions, (which we answer) but we encourage you all to contact these 2 individuals directly and demand direct, truthful, verifiable evidence *and* honest answers and not a diverting long-winded story :
Did you read the independent wildlife experts’ assessments of the sun bears and other animals of Bandung Zoo who all emphatically stated the sun bears were not starving, prior to creating your petitions and fundraisers? If you knew the sun bears weren’t starving, this totally and completely nullifies your supposed mission, right? (There is clear evidence they ALL knew this information.)
wild welfare sun bears ok
Since you knew the Indonesian-based organization – PKBSI (Indonesian Zoos & Aquariums overseeing animal-related matters) were already assisting Bandung Zoo as early as March 2016 and internationally-recognized wildlife expert Tony Sumampau also, why did you create a fundraiser alleging you were on a mission to help the starving and suffering sun bears and other animals of Bandung Zoo? Bandung Zoo was already being upgraded and massive improvements were underway.  (There is clear evidence they ALL knew this information.)
pkbsi working with bandung since may 2016
Since you knew the Charity were approved to assist Bandung Zoo (and very specific protocol has to be followed and adhered to) and had been doing so since early 2017, why did you refuse to join with their efforts since that was your purported mission? (The answer is Rebecca Rodriguez, despite claiming she would provide enclosure upgrades, enrichment, food, veterinary care etc. had another (dishonest) mission entirely and it had nothing to do with *helping* the sun bears.)
funds first applied to expenses of team
Did you contact Bandung Zoo Management about creating a fundraiser on behalf of their sun bears? (The answer is NO.)
Did you have any contact with Bandung Zoo Management prior to arriving at their doors in July 2017 with a list of outrageous demands? (The answer is NO.)
Did you even know sun bears are endangered and thus protected by the Indonesian government and cannot be moved and relocated at some unknown foreigners whim? (The answer is NO.  Rodriguez and her “expert team” (film production crew) didn’t even know sun bears are endangered.)
Why did you create a fake Bandung Zoo page on Facebook joining it with the zoo known as the “zoo of death”-  Surabaya Zoo if Bandung Zoo is the hell-hole you constantly allege – why do you need to create a fake page to bolster these claims? You are so dishonest and unethical it’s disgusting (To promote your misleading and fraudulent scam and confuse the public.)
fake bz page
Why did you repeatedly, in direct violation of GoFundMe’s terms and conditions, (a) repeatedly change the mission (b) repeatedly change the beneficiaries (c) donated to unidentified beneficiaries (d) lied about your association to Bandung Zoo – see GoFundMe’s rules – (e) repeatedly edit the content of both the fundraiser and the petitions (f) keep the majority of the funds for yourself and your associated company – Rebrod LLC?
gofundme you cannot lie or not deliver funds to beneficiary
Why haven’t you published all the accounting records associated with your campaign when this is public money and any donor or animal advocate has the absolute right to demand proof of how their donated $65,000 was utilized.  Because the campaign WAS for the starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo.  Where is the proof of how $65,000 disappeared?
So these are some of the basic questions that need to be asked.  And answered.  Thoroughly, honestly and in a public way.  There are a million questions but obviously we cannot feed them to the public.  If the public does some research and investigation which we greatly encourage, feel free to ask whatever questions you like of Rodriguez.  As a supposedly “professional and legitimate organization”, then a for-profit company owned and operated by Rodriguez, fundraising from the public, you have every right to demand answers and scrutinize the behavior, modus operandi and lies being pumped out.  Who is lying and why?  Who has the most to gain by pulling the wool over your eyes?
Clearly, it is Rebecca Rodriguez and her associates who have the most to lose with their alarming tales of animal abuse at Bandung Zoo.  The bottom line is Rodriguez exploited the animals for money, kept the majority of the donations for herself after paying her filmmaking crew $10,000 of the $65,000 raised.  How is it that not 1 single animal identified in the GoFundMe fundraiser received nothing? Not $1.  Not 1 piece of fruit.  Not a rope.  Nothing.
So Rodriguez and her associates are busily harassing, stalking, bullying, trolling and encouraging the same behavior from foolish and possibly very dangerous stalkers to severely abuse the individuals and legitimate organizations who have had the guts to publicly question the “sun bears mission” and the issue of the missing funds.
Inciting hatred of individuals, organizations, Bandung Zoo, PKBSI, Ridwan Kamil, Tony Sumampau, Indonesia, the Indonesian people and the President of Indonesia Joko Widodo etc. is a deplorable and highly dangerous manner to divert attention away from the very real issues that plague 
Demand answers.  Investigate.  Do not bully, harass and stalk individuals you know nothing about.  Get your information from a source different to the troll leader.  Soon the truth will emerge.  We *want* and encourage you to find the truth.
bullying is brokeness
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