HYPOCRITES : Rebecca A. Rodriguez and P Ooi Holmes of Animal Time TV aka One Animal World aka Cook Vegan For Me!

Rebecca A. Rodriguez who lives in Washington and her side-kick and co-conspirator Poo Holmes who lives in Pittsburgh constantly harass, stalk and target Bandung Zoo in Indonesia for their supposed “wrong-doings” and “animal abuse”.
The truth is Rodriguez and Holmes hate Bandung Zoo with a passion because Bandung Zoo, after finding out these 2 cons had set up a massive GoFundMe fundraiser allegedly for the “starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo” – and never had any contact prior to starting this fundraiser – or had any idea whatsoever that American Rodriguez and her American “expert team” (all friends) who arrived at Bandung Zoo one day, unannounced with a list of demands were trying to access Bandung Zoo’s animals and WERE DENIED.  Unsurprisingly!
After all, Rodriguez is illegally fundraising for their animals and then shows up as an uneducated nobody with no credentials, qualifications or experience who doesn’t even know sun bears are endangered!!!
You see Rodriguez and her “expert team”, all a bunch of her friends, who never had any intention on helping the sun bears in any way.  Their plans were about creating a documentary on relocating the sun bears to America!  So when Cee4Life, the preceding 5 months, kept inviting Rodriguez to join in with the efforts to upgrade and improve Bandung Zoo, Rodriguez constantly declined with a host of excuses and then turned on Cee4Life, Cee4Life supporters and Bandung Zoo.
BTW.  Rodriguez and her cronies fraudulently raised $65000 and donated not $1 to Bandung Zoo’s “starving sun bears”.  Now explain THAT!
So that’s a bit of history.  Now, Pittsburgh Zoo for instance, has 1 of the worst reputations on Earth for animal abuse and neglect with multiple animals suffering and dying.  Now ask yourself, how is it that Rodriguez and Holmes turn a blind eye to this horrible state of affairs when Pittsburgh is a few miles from their houses?
Interestingly, where these 2 cons live, there are several Zoos who subject animals to the most horrific cruelty ever witnessed.
Multiple animals have died at these Zoos yet the “expert team” of Animal Time (aka Animal Time LLC, Animal Time TV, One Animal World, Animal House TV and now Cook Vegan For Me) don’t seem to mind or care what these animals are subjected to. Interesting, isn’t it?
oregon zoo with bullhook
It’s called being a HYPOCRITE and a dishonest one at that!  Any real animal lover would be outraged by the goings-on in Zoos in their own home States but do ANY of these low-life con-artists care? No! Why not? Well because there’s no money to be made via fraudulent fundraisers because in the good ol’ USA you will be prosecuted for fraud and hauled off to jail after being investigated by Clark County Sheriff’s Office (where Poo Holmes and Alycia Barlow lives) and Allegheny County Sheriff’s Office (where Rebecca Rodriguez lives) !
Somehow because Rodriguez lied and scammed the public into donating $65000USD for the “starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo, (who received $0) she feels the need to focus on Bandung Zoo who called her out for fraud and dishonesty and fake “animal mission” so she absolutely hates them and will do ANYTHING to paint them in a bad light :
Bandung Zoo accuses Rebecca Rodriguez of fraud
and :
Wildlife Planet accuses Rebecca Rodriguez of fraud
So not only are these poser “animal advocates” targeting, harassing and bullying Bandung Zoo and the good people of Indonesia because their film making efforts were stopped, they are TOTAL HYPOCRITES because if they “cared about animals so much” they would be fighting for animals confined in Zoos in their home States and the rest of USA!
kentucky zoo
You imbecilic animal frauds and cons are NOT FOOLING ANYBODY!
Baby Elephant dies after days of suffering at Pittsburgh Zoo
Pittsburgh Zoo in spotlight for using vicious dogs to “herd Elephants”
Pittsburgh Zoo in the news for all the wrong reasons again!
How many YEARS and YEARS did Rocky the Bear suffer before finally being “humanely euthanized” by Pittsburgh Zoo?
Rocky the Kodiak Bear euthanized after years of suffering at Pittsburgh Zoo
Sad, lonely Polar Bear dies of broken heart at Pittsburgh Zoo
“The statement reads in full:
“Szenja died of a broken heart, PETA believes. After losing her companion of 20 years when SeaWorld shipped Snowflake to the Pittsburgh Zoo in order to breed more miserable polar bears, Szenja did what anyone would do when they lose all hope, she gave up. This should be a wake-up call to SeaWorld: Stop breeding and shipping animals around, close the animal exhibits, and retire the animals to sanctuaries. Until it does, this ship will keep sinking.”
10 worst Zoos for Elephants in USA, many in Rodriguez and Holmes’ vicinity yet nothing done to help these abused animals living a life of hell.
So one has to wonder how these poser animal advocates who continuously try and insert themselves into mostly foreign animal abuse situations for fame and money sleep at night when they blatantly ignore and dismiss what goes on under their noses!
Horrific Elephant abuse in USA!!!!
Shannon the Elephant at Topeka Zoo in Kansas was lying on a concrete floor for days on end and NOBODY attended to her!  Poo Holmes goes on about the Elephant that died at Bandung Zoo but doesn’t care 1 iota about Shannon whose situation was described as :
“It is inexcusable that the Topeka Zoo staff apparently went home that night without leaving at least one person to monitor Shannon from the remote video feed,” the group, In Defense of Animals, said Tuesday. “It should be patently obvious that a sick elephant, especially one who had been downed earlier that same day, must be watched vigilantly around the clock.”
“Not bothering to check Shannon’s video feed for over nine hours, the night after an emergency ordeal, is nothing short of gross neglect and unacceptably inadequate care,” the organization said.” from Kansas City news.
St Louisville Zoo has TB at their facility in 2017 and continue to breed!
“In 2017 yet another elephant at the St. Louis Zoo, Ellie, was diagnosed with tuberculosis (TB). Still, a headline on the Zoo’s website reads, “The Need to Breed,” suggesting that the zoo has continued its elephant breeding program, despite the presence of TB and endotheliotropic herpes virus (EEHV), reportedly in four of the ten Asian elephants held captive there. Any future offspring would likely face certain exposure to these debilitating and even fatal contagious diseases.
Ellie is not the first elephant at St. Louis to be diagnosed with TB. Before her, Donna was found to be suffering from the disease and received treatment. At the time, the zoo kept Donna off exhibit, but she was allowed to remain with the other elephants, presumably because all the females had already been exposed to TB through her. Back in 2000, Carolyn, a 32-year-old Asian elephant died at the zoo from a bacterial kidney infection and was later found to have TB.”
tb at st louis zoo
So you might be wondering why Rebecca Rodriguez, Alycia Barlow, Poo Holmes and Tracey Kleber of One Animal World and all their “associates” do nothing for the abused animals in the United States of America?  The answer is simple.  They cannot create fake, misleading, dishonest fundraisers in their home countries because they will be arrested, prosecuted and jailed!  Simply, there’s no money in fundraisers USA-based. 
However, it’s much easier to raise funds for a “foreign animal situation” and circumvent fiscal accountability from the public and the IRS, and this has been the practice of Rodriguez and Holmes spanning years and years :
Fraudulent fundraiser for “Bandung Zoo’s starving sun bears”
Fraudulent fundraiser for “pets left behind after Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico”
Fraudulent GoFundMe fundraiser for “Mikey the Orphaned Orangutan in Sumatra”
rr has mikey fundraiser on private fb
Fraudulent fundraiser for “150 dogs of Fasano Italy”

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