GoFundMe 150 dogs of Fasano fundraiser organized by Rebecca A. Rodriguez : Prediction

Ah yes, past behavior is an unwitting predictor of future behavior and after analyzing the modus operandi of Rebecca Rodriguez, Poo Holmes, Alycia Barlow and Tracey Kleber of One Animal World (aka Animal Centric aka Animal Time TV), we have a prediction re the “150 dogs held hostage by Mayor Francesco Zaccaria of Fasano, Italy”!

you-tube-summary-of-150-dogs-hostage with red

First there was the misleading, dishonest, outrageous “petition” to force the Mayor of Fasano to work with Rodriguez and her ridiculous and frankly, delusional demands. 

Citing the “suffering” and “neglect” of the animals, Rodriguez is spitting in the face of the Board of Trustees who have been overseeing and caring for the 150 dogs of Fasano for the past 2 years!!!  Rodriguez repeatedly posts imagery of the “suffering dogs” (lying out in the snow) and states dogs are dying of neglect and inadequate care!! 

The Trustees Facebook page can be found here, click :

Facebook page of the Trustees Quattrozampe Nel Cuore who have been caring for the dogs for over 2 years already!

So suddenly, after this highly slanderous petition pops up, what do we find?  Why of course, it’s yet another GoFundMe fundraiser, this time supposedly for the “150 dogs at the Fasano shelter” who need “expensive medical treatment and paperwork”.  Not even sure what that’s meant to even mean. 

fasano gfm 3

See “the dogs are ill and will need treatment so they can be adopted and will also need resources for paperwork and transport so they can go to homes”.  Rodriguez is NOT affiliated with the Shelter OR the Trustees.  What Rodriguez does say is as damning as what she does not say. Where does it SPECIFICALLY STATE : “Of $10,000 donated $8,000 will be given to Trustees to cover medical treatment of the dogs and $2,000 will be given to Trustees to facilitate paperwork for international travel”!???!! This $10,000 is to FUND RODRIGUEZ and BARLOW’S TRAVEL from USA to ITALY!  Wake up!!

However, what we can tell you is this : This $10,000 is to cover Rebecca Rodriguez and Alycia’s Barlow’s flights and accommodation to Fasano, Italy.  None of the funds are FOR the dogs DIRECTLY. 

The “One Animal World” team will arrive and capture raw footage of the 150 dogs which will be directly uploaded to their YouTube Channel : AnimalTimeTV and will no doubt appear on the “One Animal World” website and NONE of the $10,000 will go to the official Trustees caring for the dogs or the dog’s medical expenses! Alternatively, a small donation will be made to the Trustees of say $150.  This is exactly what Rodriguez did with the “starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo mission”!  She kept the majority of the funds from the GoFundMe and spent $100 or $50 on some “random animal” in Indonesia, all in direct contravention of the terms and conditions of GoFundMe!

What will happen next?

Another GoFundMe fundraiser will be created, for a much larger amount, possibly $50,000 or $100,000 using the raw footage captured on their 2nd jaunt to Fasano (because they’ve been there already last year using the funds from the “sun bears of Indonesia” campaign) asking for funds from the public to cover the “EXPENSES OF THE EXPERT TEAM” (film production crew) RELOCATION COSTS, INTERNATIONAL FLIGHTS, ASSOCIATED PAPERWORK of relocating dogs to the USA and a small amount will be spent on VETERINARY COSTS. 

Once again, Rodriguez and Barlow (and the “expert team”) will return to Fasano, Italy, all captured on video of course, about their “wonderful accomplishments” and “world-wide animal advocacy work” all funded by the DUMB PUBLIC once again and appearing on their YouTube Channel : AnimalTimeTV and their web page One Animal World so the world can honor the tireless work of these amazing animal saviors, animal heroes and animal advocates and fawn over their “prowess”!

piles of money

Today is 10 September 2018.  Past behavior (conning public into donating for “animal missions”) IS a predictor of future behavior.  We called it!

And if you continue to support the dishonesty, lies and cloud of deception created by Rebecca Rodriguez 

fugly cropped
Rebecca Rodriguez “President” of One Animal World

which allows her to finance her living costs, international travel, supposed “animal work” (like fostering a dog and asking for $1,500 per month to do so) mortgage, expensive equipment etc. knowing that she has no job or means to support herself, you honestly deserve to have your money stolen!

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