P Ooi Holmes of Pittsburgh is such a HYPOCRITE + a professional! A professional what?

In her quest to be noticed and gain any kind of attention, 57 year old Pohyee Ooi Holmes


Poo Holmes

who uses various aliases : P Ooi Holmes, Poh-Yee Holmes, Poo Holmes, Poop Holmes, PohYee Holmes etc. of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania is the flying monkey partner to proven con and scam artist, Rebecca Rodriguez of One Animal World (Animal Time TV aka Animal Centric etc.), who constantly analyzes (stalks) every word or action taken by anyone who has dared to question the disturbing and dishonest pattern of behavior of poser “animal advocates” who repeatedly lie to the public and create multiple, alarming fake and fraudulent petitions and fundraisers. 

Interestingly, the fundraisers (targets) are always for “abused and exploited” animals outside of the United States, usually in developing countries where culturally, the people are non-combative and almost submissive. 

Furthermore, fraudulent fundraisers in USA would quickly be investigated and shut down and the offenders prosecuted and jailed.  So Rodriguez and Holmes repeatedly identify “soft targets” in the sea of foreign “animal issues” for which they seemingly constantly elude prosecution.  Seriously, try fundraising for PETA or Pittsburgh Zoo without their express approval and/or knowledge and see what happens! (So we know why and how you rip off and exploit animals all the time!)

Thus these highly manipulative liars who themselves are constantly committing a host of felonies, try and divert attention away from their own actions and illegal  “animal missions” and harass, stalk and bully anyone who does not want to be caught up in their tangled web of deception. (We don’t envy liars, cons and animal abusers!)

Poop Holmes, is constantly obsessing over Sybelle Foxcroft and Cee4Life.  This is one of maybe a thousand screenshots, exposing Poo’s worrying psychological state.

Holmes, like Rodriguez is a pathological liar.  For instance, see this screenshot.  Poo writes that Foxcroft “drooled” and quickly asked for money to expedite Cee4Life’s agenda at Bandung Zoo. 

Poop, what was Rodriguez fundraising for?  Errrr answer : “starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo”! Uh, duh!!! 

Thus, since Bandung Zoo is in Indonesia, protocol needs to be followed.  Not anyone, and certainly not unqualified, uneducated, unprofessional wannabe American filmmakers could just walk into Bandung Zoo and demand x, y and z! 

Thus, Foxcroft was instructed by Bandung Zoo to approach Rodriguez as their “English-speaking” partner to  invite Rodriguez to join all the current efforts to help the “starving sun bears” and upgrade the enclosure for the sun bears and other work for Bandung Zoo! 

If Rodriguez didn’t want any funds given for the sun bears, please explain what the f she was doing fundraising for them!

You can’t have it both ways.  If Rodriguez was fundraising for the “starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo” she is obligated per GoFundMe’s terms to give the money to the “starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo” so what did Foxcroft do wrong?  You are utterly illogical AND ridiculous!

Furthermore, if Rodriguez refused to “hand over donations” apparently “extorted” by Foxcroft, Rodriguez WAS in fact committing FRAUD regardless!!  You can’t fundraise for something or someone and then keep the money for yourself!  That is FRAUD! Duh!

poo sybelle extorted money stole money and poo is innocent

Then Poop has the gall to analyze how and why Foxcroft gave donations to another organization.  If you don’t want any scrutiny of your fraudulent GoFundMe fundraiser for the “starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo” why are you scrutinizing how Foxcroft delivered those donations….. because

Let’s not forget that Rodriguez flew over her expert “team” (friends) at a cost of $10,000 and delivered what to Bandung Zoo?  Zero, zip nada! Nothing! Why waste all that money???  Why didn’t Rodriguez write out a check to Bandung Zoo?  Like you suggest Foxcroft should have done?????

$65,000 raised for the “starving sun bears of Bandung Zoo”.  $10,000 disappeared to “salaries” of the crew!  Another $4,000 donated to organizations/projects/animals who were NEVER OFFICIALLY-NAMED BENEFICIARIES and had nothing to do with the fundraiser, in direct violation of GoFundMe!  I mean, are you people just dumb or what?

gofundme you cannot lie or not deliver funds to beneficiary


Stop the b.s., the lies, the harassment, the stalking.  YOU and Rodriguez are the worst offenders of exploiting animals! 

You have accomplished nothing other than to make a mockery out of the kind-hearted, animal-loving public who have unwittingly signed dishonest, false petitions and donated (funded) dishonest “animal missions” (holidays) in multiple countries, all for the direct attention and profit of YOURSELVES!

hypocrite birds

Delusional, God-complex in full force now “Mother nature is cruel by design, humans are cruel by choice” – P Holmes as if she’s some kind of literary scholar or great philosopher of some sort! Whahahahaha! Or her other “classic” : “If you tell the truth you don’t have to be a good liar – Mark Twain.  Someone has been using Wikipedia and Quora again 😉

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