A special snowflake is Rebecca Rodriguez of Cook Vegan For Me aka Animal Time TV aka One Animal World!

Delusional and frankly psychopathic Rebecca A. Rodriguez of Cook Vegan For Me (Also using : Animal House TV, Animal Time, Animal Time LLC, Animal Time TV, One Animal World, Animal Centric, Lucky Head Films, Pacific Animal Society, Barlow Animal Connection, Clearance Puppy, Animal House International, Barks of Hope etc. etc.), truly is a special snowflake, isn’t she?
rat looking like a rat
Despite her insistence that people are “ENVIOUS, GREEDY + JEALOUS” of all her “accomplishments and successes” in animal welfare we have revealed that Rodriguez’s “accomplishments” are mostly only in her own mind and are as follows:
1989, Yes in 1989, 30 freaking year ago, she helped set up a humane society on the island of Guam where her military husband was stationed.  After a falling out with the other army wives, Rodriguez had to find something to while away her time.  Since she had nothing to do and nobody wanted her around, she zeroed in on the kind-hearted, soft-natured natives of Guam and barreled her way into enforcing her opinions and views on animals and the “animal shelter” on the island of Guam was formed.
Interestingly, this highly manipulative pattern of behavior and bullying methodology would be seen as an emerging pattern throughout Rodriguez’s life, as has and will be revealed.
Having left school at 16, with no qualifications, Rodriguez had to find her “niche” in life after a highly exploitative and abusive childhood.  She moved literally hundreds of times to various locations, Oregon, San Francisco, Vancouver, Carmichael, Clark, La Center, in an attempt to gain traction.
In and around 2004 Rodriguez took up “filmmaking” and created some Z-grade movies, desperate for attention, desperate for success, she ploughed ahead, and produced a series of quite bizarre short movies and even an advertising campaign for the GoDaddy brand, the founder of which is none other than big game hunter, Bob Parsons!  (Wonderful animal work, supporting a big game hunter!) 
godaddy commercial by lucky head films
GoDaddy advertising campaign.  The founder of GoDaddy is Bob Parsons, BIG GAME HUNTER
Her movies, all very strange and all somehow, almost auto-biographical, “Floater” about a piece of poo that won’t flush down the toilet, “Debbie does Everything” which is self-explanatory, “Coming up Easy” are all highly sexualized, obsessive films focusing on sex, abuse and tragedy.  Again, worryingly, a look into Rodriguez’s psyche and state of mind.  Also, a horrible glimpse into the future.
coming up easy summary sounds like its based on rr's own life
Coming up Easy. Rodriguez’s “auto-biographical movie” released 14 years ago!
Interspersed between 1989 and 2004, Rodriguez did nothing for animals and alarming personality flaws began to be revealed.  Rodriguez is deeply disturbed, highly manipulative and uses bullying methodology to get what she wants.  She also believes she’s always right, is narcissistic, and clearly is a pathological liar, all hallmarks of a psychopath.  Rodriguez IS a very special snowflake!
From 2004, bearing in mind this is now almost 15 years ago, until 2018 we discovered a series of ideas and a developing and unfolding modus operandi that would be utilized by Rodriguez for her alleged “animal work”!  Sorry, “world-wide animal work”.
Somewhere along the way Rodriguez hooked up with Alycia Barlow.  Rodriguez being the dominant and manipulative personality, has Barlow utterly fooled and she has unwittingly been drawn into the tangled web that makes up Rodriguez’s life of lies and deceit.
Rodriguez has repeatedly tried to garner public donations for herself (her supposed “animal work”) from begging for $1,500 per month via Patreon to fund her “love of animals” or to “raise $40 000 to create a film about women who wanted to vote for Trump” and inserting herself into international animal situations when clearly she is not qualified to do so and constantly begging for donations, even for completed missions to fully fledged, illegal and fraudulent fundraisers, the biggest of which is probably the starving Sun Bears of Bandung Zoo debacle in 2017.
Despite Rodriguez and her accomplices – Poo Holmes, Tracey Kleber and Marison Guciano’s protestations that people are envious of her “success” with her GoFundMe fundraiser for the sun bears, the truth is, in order to raise all that money Rodriguez LIED to the public, manipulated everyone, ripped off the supposed desperate and needy animals and she abused organizations and individuals who were supporting the commitment of Bandung Zoo to upgrade and improve.
The truth is Rodriguez was REPEATEDLY invited to join in with then current and developing Bandung Zoo.  She was instructed on what would be needed in order to access Bandung Zoo, Indonesia.  Rodriguez REFUSED to join in with Cee4Life but ask yourself WHY NOT? Since Rodriguez was fundraising for the “starving Sun Bears of Bandung Zoo” why wouldn’t she join with an approved Charity?  The honest answer is Rodriguez never had ANY intention of helping the Sun Bears.  Her illegal and dishonest fundraiser was actually for FILM PRODUCTION COSTS associated with REMOVING AND RELOCATING THE SUN BEARS to USA! And as a side note, if Rodriguez does not support Zoos, what the hell is she doing fundraising for one?
Seriously, people are meant to be JEALOUS because YOU are a LYING CON?  And in the end, Rebecca Rodriguez, pray tell everyone exactly WHAT you accomplished for any animal in Indonesia?  Did you help the sun bears you were specifically fundraising for? NO! Your “accomplishments” for Indonesia were you pocketed over $50,000 for yourself and illegally procured 2 otters from an illegal wildlife market, punishable by jail time and in violation of CITES and Indonesian law,  and then “rescued 2 kittens”.  Are you mad? 
$65,000 GIVEN FOR THE SUN BEARS, not for the other named beneficiaries because as we all know, the beneficiary MAY NOT BE CHANGED!  GoFundMe might be asleep, but the world is not!  Yes, everyone is really jealous that you are a conniving, lying, manipulative sociopath who fooled the unsuspecting public and ripped off the animals!
rr has mikey fundraiser on private fb
And in 2014, after you manipulated the public into believing you were a registered Charity and had an idea to get yourself noticed and onto TV with another exploitative mission this time to “rebuild an animal shelter” and garnered over $100,000 in donations, explain, how is it that multiple, dedicated animal lovers from Adams County Pet Rescue in Othello Washington, ended up resigning after they were tainted with YOUR involvement?  How is it that Alycia Barlow Hadfield’s daughter, took over the position of someone at ACPR whose life was made miserable by your bullying, aggression and lies? 
2018 And the same modus operandi and exploitative methodology is being utilized by Rebecca Rodriguez and her side-kicks.  Once again, inserting themselves into a “foreign” animal matter this time in Fasano Italy.  And no surprise, first a nasty, derogatory, highly manipulative and emotive fake petition all supposedly about the poor, sad, lonely, uncared for “150 dogs of Fasano Italy” and you got it, followed up with a FAKE, MISLEADING DISHONEST GoFundMe fundraiser for $10,000
gofundme you cannot lie or not deliver funds to beneficiary
And what is the $10,000 for you might wonder?  The master con has written “the dogs need expensive medical care and paperwork”!!!!!  But the truth is NOBODY including the President that oversees the 150 dogs in Fasano – Quatrrozampe Nel Cuore Fasano – know anything about Rodriguez and her fundraiser!  That money is once again for FILM PRODUCTION and the costs of flights and accommodation for Rebecca Rodriguez and Alycia Barlow.  A small sum like $100 will be spent on the dogs, the rest, once again, going directly to cover the expenses which Rodriguez cannot cover because SHE HAS NO QUALIFICATIONS OR CREDENTIALS, DOES NOT WORK AND HAS NO MONEY OF HER OWN. 
Since 2014 to 2018, Rodriguez hosts fundraisers “for animals” and then traverses the world on her purported “animal projects” except somehow, miraculously, the animals she is supposedly fundraising for end up with NOTHING and wouldn’t you know it, it’s another episode on Rodriguez and Barlow’s YouTubeChannel!
rat hasnt takena holiday since
Yeah, right, we believe you! 😉 So what were those international holidays to Puerto Rico, Bali, Mexico, Italy, Germany, Greece and Indo with Alycia Barlow then? Funded by sun bears money! Shhh!
Where are the funds for Adams County Pet Rescue, Othello Washington?
Where are the funds for the “starving Sun Bears of Bandung Zoo, Indonesia?
Where are the funds for Tegan and Bedhu of Kandi Zoo, Sumatra?
Where are the funds for Mikey the Orangutan, Sumatra?
Where are the funds for Barks of Hope, Puerto Rico?
Where are the funds for 150 dogs of Fasano, Italy?
Right on! Yeah! People are jealous of your supposed success and accomplishments for animals!!  Pffttt!!! 
Your accomplishments consist of : Fraudulent fundraisers.  Scams ripping off desperate animals. Lying to the public and volunteers. Bullying tactics. Manipulation.  Multiple, irregular IRS tax evasion. Felony criminal online impersonation.  Cyber stalking.  Invasion of privacy.  Harassment.  Bullying.  Stalking.  Illegal and unjust personal enrichment.  Multiple holidays funded by illegal fundraisers “for animals”. 
Delusional, utterly delusional AND clearly, a very special snowflake!
Get help Rebecca.  Your life is out of control and so are you!
cal me god
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