Rebecca A. Rodriguez : PROOF PLEASE!

We have to laugh as the rug gets pulled out from under the highly deceptive and dishonest claims of “animal work around the world”, being an “animal advocate”, being the “catalyst for change” oh and of course, the watchdog group for Bandung Zoo plus the voice for animals in Indonesia. 

Yep, Rebecca A. Rodriguez of One Animal World aka Animal Time TV aka Animal Centric aka Pacific Animal Society aka Barks of Hope aka Animal House International aka Animal Time, is all of that!  Because she says so!  Got it?

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Rebecca Rodriguez and Alycia Barlow are internationally-recognized, world-wide animal experts! 11 views for Animal Time TV. Yes, 11!

Rebecca Rodriguez, Alycia Barlow, P Ooi Holmes, Tracey Kleber and Marison Guciano of One Animal World, please answer :

PLEASE PROVIDE EVIDENCE of how $125,000 for Adams County Pet Rescue was disbursed from YOUR fundraiser in 2014.  PROOF you know actual PROOF?

PLEASE PROVIDE EVIDENCE of how $65,000 for the allegedly starving Sun Bears of Bandung Zoo was disbursed from YOUR fundraiser in 2017.  Since per GoFundMe’s terms and conditions THE BENEFICIARIES MAY NOT CHANGE, FUNDS MUST BE GIVEN TO IDENTIFIED BENEFICIARIES and YOU CANNOT LIE ABOUT YOUR ASSOCIATION with Bandung ZooPROOF you know actual PROOF?

gofundme you cannot lie or not deliver funds to beneficiary

PLEASE PROVIDE EVIDENCE of why and how YOU are accumulating donations from YOUR FUNDRAISER for allegedly dogs left behind after Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico?  Since you’ve raised $6,000 please provide PROOF you know, actual PROOF that you’ve sent $6,000 plus all the direct contributions you received via RebRod LLC to BARKS OF HOPE via Paypal or wire transfer as you wrote!  We’d love to see those wire transfers and Paypal transfers 😉

PLEASE PROVIDE EVIDENCE of your allegations that Sybelle Foxcroft of Cee4Life and supporters EXTORTED MONEY FROM YOU.  We are waiting for the publication of the conversations wherein money was extorted.  You know, PROOF, actual EVIDENCE.  The world is still waiting!  Of course you must have the PROOF to back up your ALLEGATIONS right, so what are you waiting for? 

PLEASE PROVIDE EVIDENCE that you are working with the Mayor of Fasano – Francesco Zaccaria “for many months”.  We’d love to see that. 

PLEASE PROVIDE EVIDENCE – Oh yes, let’s not forget you claim YOU and your cronies are working WITH Quattrozampe Nel Cuore – Fasano because WE have the proof from the President that you are NOT.  Please explain and provide PROOF as to exactly what your $10,000 GoFundMe fundraiser for the 150 dogs of Fasano covers – because your choice of wording SAYS NOTHING ABOUT HOW $10,000 will be SPECIFICALLY UTILIZED but you have written the dogs need “expensive medical treatment” and “paperwork”.  What the hell does that even mean?  Surprise, surprise!  Not!  Remember, per GoFundMe’s terms and conditions, you may not LIE about your association with Quattrozampe Nel Cuore – Fasano!  So, we’d love to see EVIDENCE of an agreement between One Animal World / Animal Time TV and Quattrozampe Nel Cuore – Fasano.  We’d also love to see EXACT PROOF of what $10,000 is going to be spent on.  It’s not for costs associated with flying you and Alycia Barlow to Fasano is it?  You know, for food and accommodation and film production?  Tsk tsk!  EVIDENCE Rebecca, EVIDENCE!  Where is the damn evidence?  Try and be as specific as you can because the whole world knows you purposefully deceive the public into donating for expenses they know nothing about!

one animal world linking to gfm

PLEASE PROVIDE THE EVIDENCE!  Instead all of you spend hours and hours trolling and stalking people and writing total b.s. on your slag/hate blogs, pages, missions, documentaries ad nauseum! 

Why bother with all of that when you have the PROOF of what you claim?  LOL!!!

How about the publication of your IRS tax submission documentation for REBROD LLC for the past 10 years because everyone KNOWS you’ve been diverting donations GIVEN FOR ANIMALS to Rebrod LLC for years and years for your own self-enrichment, lifestyle, film productions etc. which finance your desperate quest to be somebody!


characteristics of lying sociopaths

Also, we highly suggest psychiatric intervention if you haven’t already sought it out.  Your “video productions” are very worrying and highly sexualized and border on nymphomania!  Many, even auto-biographical possibly?!


coming up easy summary sounds like its based on rr's own life

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