Rebecca A. Rodriguez of One Animal World aka Animal Time TV : Where is $250,000 in donations given FOR animals?

Ahh yes, “Pandora’s box”!  If you open up one Pandora’s Box another – yours – will be opened up too!  Yikes! And what do we discover? 

Rebecca A. Rodriguez, Alycia Barlow, Poo Holmes of One Animal World (aka Lucky Head Films, Animal Time TV, Pacific Animal Society, Barks of Hope etc. etc.) and their years and years of exploiting animals for money and fame! And with no shame or apologies!  Liars, exploiters, abusers all desperate in their quest for $$$ and some attention!


Rodriguez requests and receives $100,000 in donations for Adams County Pet Rescue “rebuild” being filmed by Rebecca Rodriguez and her friends (accomplices).  At this time she is using the “Animal House” umbrella for operations.  She tells the press, volunteers, the Mayor of Othello Sean Logan, plus the public she is operating a fully registered not-for-profit Charity called “Animal House”, thus everyone believes their donations are safe and legally accounted for!

WRONG! Animal House is registered as a “Charity” 3 years later in 2017 and doesn’t exist in any other format other than a name Rodriguez utilizes!!!!


Furthermore, in order to receive a $25,000 grant, she forced the Board of Adams County Pet Rescue to agree to pediatric spays and neuters of aged animals, knowing full well there is a high rate of fatalities (death) when these procedures are performed.

(In order to perform spays and neuters of older dogs and cats, an entire plethora of pre- operative blood tests are needed which will determine general health, how vital organs such as kidneys and livers are working, red blood cell counts and platelets etc.  What shelter can afford all these tests to determine if an older dog is safe to spay/neuter?  Plus a full physical exam is needed to check heart and lung function, amongst other risk factors where extra care may have to be taken during anaesthetic. )

And Rodriguez FORCED Adams County Pet Rescue to agree to perform these sterilizations in order to get her grubby little hands on the extra cash!  Absolutely unbelievable!  How vile!

THUS, Rebecca Rodriguez of then “Animal House” / One Animal World now Animal Time or Animal Time LLC or Animal Time TV chose MONEY over ANIMALS!

fugly cropped
Rebecca Rodriguez

To date, September 2018, STILL no accounting of $125,000 which has mysteriously vanished!


2014 : Received $100,000 plus $25,000 grant via her FOR PROFIT Company – Rebrod LLC and NOT via any registered “Charity” “Animal House” as she told everyone!

2016 : Via Patreon as “One Animal World” a FOR PROFIT Company requests $1,500 per month from “supporters” ie the public for her “love of animals”!

2017 : Via GoFundMe as “One Animal World” a FOR PROFIT Company creates and receives $65,000 in donations for “beneficiaries : starving Sun Bears of Bandung Zoo” who receive $0 from Rodriguez!

2017 : Via Indiegogo attempts to raise funds $32,600 for her project “Lights Camera Animals!” on “animal heroes around the world”!

lights camera animals

2017 : Via GoFundMe as “One Animal World” a FOR PROFIT LLC attempts to raise $7,000, creates and receives $200 in donations for “beneficiary : Mikey the Orangutan in Sumatra” who receives $0!

2017 : Via GoFundMe as a “filmmaker” attempts to raise $40,000 for a project on women who march against President Trump!

2017/2018 : Via GoFundMe as a “transfer partner” for Barks of Hope in Puerto Rico, instructs the public to donate directly to her for the “pets left behind after Hurricane Maria”.  Target is $20,000.  Raises $6,000 and channels funds into her own for profit company : Rebrod LLC once again.

2017 : Via her website, Rebecca Rodriguez again fraudulently requests donations to various “supposed projects”, some of which have already been completed eg “Building a reading house in Sumatra” – Still asking for donations, but the reading hut was already built around October 2017.  Plus also requesting donations for the 150 dogs and has the gall to ask for donations for Mikey the Orangutan, once again!  Honestly, these people have NO SHAME!

animal time tv orphaned orangutan waits for a new habitat

August 2018 : Via GoFundMe, gets her partner Tracey Kleber to host a fundraiser with payments/donations again going directly to Rodriguez, supposedly for the 150 dogs of Fasano Italy.  Target is $10,000.  Trustees of the 150 dogs have never heard of Rebecca Rodriguez, Tracey Kleber, Poo Holmes or Alycia Barlow or One Animal World / Animal Time / Animal Time TV / Animal Time LLC.

one animal world linking to gfm

So where is all the money – the donations GIVEN FOR ANIMALS – and received directly by Rebecca Rodriguez?  The public, the authorities, the IRS and everyone else would LOVE TO KNOW where $250,000 has disappeared to?

Lies upon lies.  Deceit upon deceit. How many people and animals have lost out due to Rebecca Rodriguez and her friends’ illegal fundraisers?  The animals certainly aren’t benefitting in any way, shape or form!  The animals are in fact, constantly exploited for money and the kind-hearted public, without knowing it, are paying for Rebecca Rodriguez’s lifestyle and living expenses because she does NOT WORK

Honestly, how do you think she pays for her car, her house, her multiple international holidays?  Wake up sheeple!


how do you sleep at night

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