How many people hate Rebecca A. Rodriguez? Apparently, more than 3!

In her usual demented fashion, Rebecca A. Rodriguez of One Animal World and Animal Time TV has taken to blaming 3 people for all her woes.  Out of 7.6 billion human beings on planet Earth apparently only 3 people hate Rebecca Rodriguez for her exploitation of animals.

Thus she created @Cee4Life on Twitter and is blaming the apparent registration of @AnimalTimeTV on the same 3 people.  Yet there is no proof as to who is behind @AnimalTimeTV and Rebecca Rodriguez has @AnimalTimeTelevision on Twitter, so we’re failing to see the relevance.

Anyway, foolishly, she implicates herself once again in online, criminal impersonation, invasion of privacy and cyberstalking.  All prosecutable offences specifically in Washington where Rodriguez resides, some of which are Class D felonies!

rebecca admitting to be cee4life on twitter
Rebecca Rodriguez who runs Animal Time LLC and is behind AnimalTimeTV admits she is behind the fake @Cee4Life Twitter account and is thus guilty, yet again, of criminal online impersonation, a felony in Washington, cyberstalking and invasion of privacy!

Then Rodriguez tweets from her @OneAnimalWorld Twitter account again acknowledging that supposedly “her company” which doesn’t exist except on YouTube and, is being “harassed” by Sybelle Foxcroft, Briony Luttig/Wolf and Cee4Life.  We are still waiting for the proof of her allegations.  (And proof of her other outrageous allegations)!

blaming cee4life briony sybelle for animaltimetv twitter

Since nobody can access @AnimalTimeTV’s Twitter account unless you are an approved follower, we have no idea WHO is behind AnimalTimeTV even though Rodriguez has no trademark of the name, despite her alleging she does!

animaltimetv twitter account
And since we aren’t approved followers we cannot even access whatever @AnimalTimeTV is tweeting!

And despite Rodriguez alleging and implying dishonestly, she has trademarked the name AnimalTimeTV, she hasn’t!  So what is her beef regardless?  This woman is unhinged, apparently psychotic AND delusional!?

animal time tv supposedly trademarked

animal time tv trademark search not valid
A search of United States Patent and Trademark Office reveals Animal Time TV is not a trademark.
no trademark for animal time tv on trademarkia
A search of Trademarkia confirms there is no trademark of Animal Time TV!

Furthermore, we double-checked for a logo trademark for “Animal Time” or “Animal Time TV” and it does NOT exist. 

For Rebecca Rodriguez of One Animal World, Animal Time, Animal Time TV, Animal House TV, Animal House International Foundation and Rebrod, we would like to point out the following laws in USA for which she is about to be prosecuted :

Criminal electronic impersonation – Action for invasion of privacy

Criminal impersonation in the 1st degree


Money laundering

Tax evasion – electronic



And for free, here’s another clue.  Just because someone registers a domain name in a specific country for specific reasons, does not make the registrar the author of the site!

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