Evaluation of 150 dogs of Fasano mission created by Rebecca A. Rodriguez of Animal Time TV (Cook Vegan For Me)

Rebecca A. Rodriguez’s many hate / slag blogs / hate fests and even company registrations and various animal-related websites, all with different names and written all over social media, seems to constantly evolve and change as the facts come out into the public arena.
Let’s take a very close look at the timeline of 150 dogs of Fasano Italy “mission”!  Rodriguez has a very distinct pattern of bullying and intimidation, including Mayors of cities and even Presidents of countries.  She and her various accomplices continue to use their tried and tested modus operandi of creating a false, defamatory and highly slanderous petition and usually coupling it with a fundraiser.  The petitions are scare tactics used to move their agendas of infamy and money forward.
tiberio animal house international mayor zaccaria of fasano 10 november 2017 stating dogs cannot be released
10 November 2017. Rodriguez has a major argument with an Italian businessman trying to explain the obvious flaws in her claims to the demented and delusional Rodriguez.  He points out under Italian law the shelter is SEALED BY LAW and the DOGS CANNOT BE RELEASED!
you-tube-summary-of-150-dogs-hostage with red
2nd November 2017 The petition created by the misinformed, arrogant American wannabe filmmaker Rebecca Rodriguez, is uploaded to her YouTube channel : Animal Time TV –  stating the Mayor of Fasano Italy is holding the dogs hostage in a run-down shelter.
It gets better and better.
So now (a) There’s a petition calling for what exactly?  Force the Mayor to fulfil his “mandate” (His political mandate says NOTHING about rebuilding the dog shelter) (b) Force the Mayor to immediately rebuild the shelter and be answerable to Rebecca Rodriguez of Animal House International (she uses several “business names : Animal Time TV, Animal House International and One Animal World) 
Then Rebecca Rodriguez claims she is working DIRECTLY with the Mayor.  So if she is working WITH the Mayor and has “been working to inspire a mayor in Italy to build the shelter he promised and release the 150 dogs”, why does the petition specifically state that the Mayor is HOLDING THE DOGS HOSTAGE? 
fasano project is being undermined by others
Rebecca Rodriguez blatantly lies when she writes she has been working for months to inspire a Mayor in Italy, then she lies and says he is working WITH her, then she lies and says Cee4Life contacted the Mayor to “undermine her influence” and lies again stating that the Mayor was directed to “rebrodrobber”, a site owned and registered by Rebecca Rodriguez herself!
ard fasano i look for ways to force the mayor to fulfill his duties
Next we see an update on one of Rebecca Rodriguez’s hate blogs called “Animal Rescue Deceivers” aka “The League of Animal Rescue Deceivers” and writes she will continue to “look for ways to FORCE the Mayor to fulfil his promises”.
So if, as Rebecca Rodriguez claims, the Mayor is working with her, why does she try and blackmail the Mayor of Fasano, Francesco Zaccaria to (a) immediately build the shelter under the control of Rebecca Rodriguez of Animal House International aka One Animal World (b) Berate and attack him via her petition (c) claim she will FORCE him to fulfil his promises?
care2 fasano dogs force the mayor with red editing
Now, Rebecca Rodriguez knows that approximately $750 000 has already been set aside by the town of Fasano (government)  for the rebuilding of the Fasano dog shelter.  She acknowledges this herself!  Then again she references the Mayor’s supposed “campaign promise”.  Then 8 months ago – December 2017 there’s an “update” stating “We’re making progress”.  LOL!!  Rodriguez and her “expert teammates” and filmmaking associate Alycia Barlow along with Poo Holmes, read online that Mayor Zaccaria has independently annonced the construction of a CLINIC!  But now it’s thanks to their involvement this is taking place!  We couldn’t make this up if we tried!
So after we’ve proven Rebecca Rodriguez has no dealings with the Mayor of Fasano, zero control over him despite trying to bully and blackmail him into kowtowing to her demands and that the government has set aside funds for the “150 dogs Fasano shelter”, we find this!
ard celia briony sybelle responsible for dog dying and dogs in snow
Screenshot from Rebecca Rodriguez lie-ridden, hate-filled delusional hate/web page wherein she states that the whistleblowers’ meddling led to “unnecessary and prolonged suffering of animals, even the death of a dog” at the Fasano shelter.  It’s a proven FACT, Rodriguez had ZERO contact or influence with Fasano Mayor, Francesco Zaccaria.  Thus, if she had ZERO contact or influence, the Mayor was not doing anything Rodriguez demanded, including rebuilding the shelter or allowing a filmmaking team, that is Rebecca Rodriguez and her “expert team” to oversee the project nor were the 150 dogs going to be released.  (And I wonder where they were all going after their release??)!  Furthermore, the whistleblowers tricked Rodriguez into believing they contacted the Mayor and if Rodriguez WAS working with the Mayor she would have known this!  Finally, the whistleblowers cannot be responsible for any dog lying in the snow or dying at 13 years of age.  Simplistically, this is just not possible or logical.  Where are the shelter staff overseeing this shelter?  No rational  or kind human being lets dogs lie out in the snow in the middle of winter.  
But the story isn’t finished yet.  It gets worse.
support one animal world donate to 150 dogs dated 11 august 2018
11 August 2018.  Screenshot of one of Rebecca A. Rodriguez’s many companies – this time as One Animal World – she is asking you to DONATE MONEY for her project in Italy – that is the 150 dogs of Fasano Italy which she has ZERO involvement with or dealings with the Mayor and the government has set aside $750 000 for this construction and other animal-related projects  so what the hell is she fundraising for???????
Rebecca A. Rodriguez of One Animal World, aka Animal Time TV aka Animal House TV aka Animal Centric and her filmmaking team constantly use bullying and terroristic-like, opportunistic methodology to force their way into animal-related situations.  They usually create slanderous, defamatory, lie-ridden petitions to rile people up and sign.
Rodriguez falsely implies she is involved with whatever animal-related situation she has stumbled upon, usually in a foreign country where it is difficult to check facts ie Italy, Sumatra, Indonesia, Greece, Bali and so on.
Once a petition has gained traction and momentum it will usually be followed with a fundraiser somehow linking an “alleged mission”, always written very ambiguously with no clear objectives or specific, targeted goals or clear evidentiary and legal Dollar amounts which somehow always profit Rodriguez and her team, after the “animals” identified in the fundraiser end up with nothing.
If you dare question Rodriguez and her various “missions” you will be threatened, targeted, cyberstalked, bullied, defamed, slandered and abused and as has been evidenced in the past, her desperation has lead her to commit several felonies ie she has illegally registered the legal identities of the whistleblowers and linked them to her hate/slag blog in an act of criminal online impersonation – so more evidence of the bullying tactics utilized to prevent anyone from obtaining and relaying the truth about these supposed “animal-related missions”.
Rodriguez asks you to donate via any of a number of fundraisers – to any one of these animal-related missions – and chooses her wording very carefully.  A classic line she utilizes is “contributing to” as opposed to “the full amount needed to rebuild the shelter is $x and we are contributing the full $x”.  In this way, even if she raised $100 000 for said mission, she can and has donated small sums of say $100 or $150 without the public’s full attention or knowledge.  The public has always been lead to believe that the majority of their donations are utilized on the animal beneficiaries but this has not been the case in 100% of Rodriguez’s fundraisers.  This is dishonest, misleading and needs to be exposed.
Rodriguez has NOTHING to do with the Mayor of Fasano, NOTHING to do with the 150 dogs and should NOT be fundraising for a mission she has nothing to do with!  
With every fake mission and misleading fundraiser, genuine, legitimate, authentic animal-related Organizations and Charities are having funds diverted from real animals in need and real animal missions.  This is immoral, illegal and disgusting!
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