Dunce award goes to ……. Take your pick! Rebecca Rodriguez + P Ooi Holmes ‘fess up!

No planning, no experience, not experts, misguided, uninformed, uneducated, unprofessional, opinionated know-it-alls, arrogant, moronic idiots……

The Dunce award goes to ………….. Take your pick!

Although Rebecca Rodriguez, Poo Holmes, Alycia Barlow and Marison Guciano of One Animal World lied when they said they had PROVIDED FUNDS FOR A TELEVISION AND DVD PLAYER along with TRAVEL FUNDS FOR THE BOOKS TO BE DELIVERED FROM JAKARTA TO SUMATRA and speciality electronic equipment amongst other things – on 28 December 2017 via “One Animal World” and the “Change.org” petition, the truth is

since returning from indo we have done reading house

just like their unplanned, disorganized, random, unexpected, unprofessional arrival at Bandung Zoo’s doors with zero contact, now the items Rebecca Rodriguez sent from USA cannot be released by Indonesian Authorities and may end up being sold at auction!  This is what happens when uneducated idiots pretend they are experts!  (And previously she dishonestly wrote that FUNDS had been provided so which is it???????)

Oh and now, once again, please sign these PETITIONS to get the items released!  Seriously?  

Dunce award goes to……………. Take your pick!!!!

update 63 boo hoo no books or dvd released

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stupid could fly

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