Moronic musings of the village idiot! P Ooi Holmes strikes again!

Ah yes, “expert team member” of One Animal World (aka Animal Time TV, Animal Centric, Animal House etc. etc.) and the “qualified” author behind 1 or 2 animal-related petitions, the one, the only, Poo Holmes. (God help us all!)

P Holmes has tried desperately to become an authority and academic on animals and specifically “Indonesian animals” since hooking up with Rebecca Rodriguez, a known con-artist (?), who has seemingly been scamming the public for the past 30 years with various animal-related “projects”?!

Let’s take a fleeting glimpse into some of the most moronic commentary by this “educated professional”! 🙂  Please enjoy this screenshot of one of the hate/slag blogs set up and run by Rebecca Rodriguez and Holmes.  Ha! Ha! Ha!

  1.  “Rebecca’s detailed plans” – This refers to the “starving Sun Bears of Bandung Zoo” GoFundMe fundraiser and “mission” set up by Rodriguez who surprise, surprise, had NEVER been in contact with Bandung Zoo until she physically landed at their door in July 2017! Yep, detailed plans for sure!

  2. Understand that one does not do things haphazardly” – Ok, I can’t stop grinning now.  Rodriguez and her cronies knew from multiple sources that the Sun Bears of Bandung Zoo were not and had never been starving.  They were told this by Scorpion Wildlife Trade Monitoring Group – Indonesia-based organization tracking and prosecuting wildlife traffickers, Marison Guciano – Rodriguez’s Indonesia-based associate, PKBSI – Indonesia-based animal protection and working with Bandung Zoo since May 2016, Cee4Life – Australian-based NGO working with Bandung Zoo since March 2017, Pat Craig – wildlife expert who did an independent assessment on the Sun Bears in early 2017 plus other experts – who all verified the animals at Bandung Zoo were OK!!  Yet Rodriguez and Holmes insisted on creating a petition to shut down Bandung Zoo and then in direct opposition to this petition, creating a fundraiser to help the animals of Bandung Zoo! All makes perfect sense and not remotely haphazard, right? 🙂  Also not remotely counter-productive.  Shut down the Zoo or help the Zoo?  Opposing viewpoints but who is paying attention?

  3. Then Holmes writes “you make sure that a sanctuary is prepared to take the animals”. Well, the sanctuary was put on the spot.  They did reply to Holmes’ “expert request” and their position was that IF Rodriguez could somehow miraculously demand the removal of an endangered species from Indonesia (something that would never transpire) why of course they would take in the Sun Bears.  Truthfully, the sanctuary was wholly unprepared to take in additional animals at the time and also reminded Holmes and Rodriguez that it wasn’t a good idea to create a fundraiser without the permission of Bandung Zoo.  (But did they listen? No! And garnered $65000 which vaporized into thin air!)  They also instructed Holmes and Rodriguez, 2 Americans, totally unknown anywhere in the world, with zero wildlife experience, expertise, credentials or education that it would be highly unlikely the Indonesian government would agree to translocate 2 of their Sun Bears at the whim of some unknown Americans to a foreign country!  It just keeps getting better doesn’t it? 🙂

  4. “She had no plans and went in their (there) like a bull in a china shop” – Pretty similiar to the factually incorrect petition and fraudulent fundraiser oh and arriving at Bandung Zoo, Indonesia unannounced! Good one! 🙂  Really loved all your plans guys!

  5. Then talking about the “Tiger Temple” confiscation, Holmes, the “qualified expert’s” position on the DNP (Department of National Parks in Thailand) wherein she writes “They were confiscated and in DNP sites (on-site) now. They are in worst (worse) condition than there (they) were taken from. Many have died.” Oh boy.  Now Holmes has morphed into an expert on Tigers, Tiger Temple, Thailand and the DNP.  Errrr, the Tigers were confiscated from Tiger Temple because THEY WERE BEING MURDERED by the Monks and volunteers so it would be better for the Tigers to remain at the Tiger Temple instead because they are dying at DNP?  Lord, show mercy because the village idiot is trying desperately to show her apparent “intelligence” and failing miserably! Most of the Tigers who died at DNP died as a result of in-breeding and therefore compromised immune systems.  Many were already infected with various diseases which they acquired at Tiger Temple!  Dumb as a box of rocks!

dnp are shit but they should have been in control overseeing the confiscated tigers at some miraculous sanctuary

The village idiot clearly is NOT an expert.  Not qualified.  Not educated.  Not a professional. Has no credentials or wildlife expertise.  It’s amazing that someone can spend their days and nights online and write the most amusing musings which all, sadly reveal that the village idiot is in fact real! 🙂

And this is just 1 screenshot.  Digest that! 

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