The Sun Bears are *still* waiting for their new enclosure promised to them by Rebecca A. Rodriguez of One Animal World aka Animal Time aka Cook Vegan For Me!

Multiple animals (pictures) were used in Rebecca A. Rodriguez of then One Animal World’s (A for-profit company owned and operated by Rodriguez) GoFundMe fundraiser, promising all kinds of help and support to these specifically identified animals.  Animals people thought they were donating for!  Let’s be honest.  How is it that not 1 animal she promised to help, received any help whatsoever?  Not even a banana!

Rodriguez also claims Bandung Zoo (owners of the alleged “starving Sun Bears utilized in the campaign) refused her offer of help.  Twice! 

Uh no, actually, there was only 1 rather strange “offer of help” and you know what it said?  “We offer to assess your Sun Bears and run an educational program at the Zoo.”  $65000 raised but that was her legitimate “offer of help”?  WTF kind of help is that?  Seriously?  Are you joking?  Clearly her fundraiser is blatantly dishonest and purposefully misleading!

oneanimalworld were building a sun bear enclosure

Then there was specific claims that 2 other Sun Bears, named Tegan and Bedhu were getting a new enclosure built.  All praise and thanks to Rebecca Rodriguez of One Animal World!  People continued to donate for Tegan and Bedhu over time, believing they were donating for a legitimate mission!


and despite Rodriguez and Holmes’ frantically changing the wording on multiple updates on their GoFundMe and sites, we have all the evidence captured, screenshot by screenshot of their dishonesty, slander and bullying of innocent members of the public and Cee4Life who were working to improve the lives of the animals at Bandung Zoo. 

And the evidenciary proof of their multiple lies about their “mission” and their supposed “help” they were bestowing on the “poor animals of Indonesia”!

rr we are going to build a sun bear enclosure for bedhu and tegan

Thanks to Rodriguez removing her Facebook page “One Animal World” and subsequent spin-off pages, like Animals of Indonesia, Animal House and Animal House International there is proof evidenced all over the web of her dishonest writings that she/they were building a new enclosure for Sun Bears Bedhu and Tegan!  Both Rodriguez and Holmes dishonestly fleeced the public into donating for objectives that would never be accomplished and this is because there was never any intention whatsoever of helping any of these animals. 

The actual “help” that Rodriguez referenced was hopefully removing these 2 Sun Bears and the Bandung Zoo Sun Bears to sanctuaries and turning it all into a documentary for sale to National Geographic or Animal Planet – big TV names –  for the direct profit of Rodriguez and her “expert team members” all involved in this gigantic scam.


So the world is still waiting for the proposed construction of the new enclosure and improved lives for Bedhu and Tegan or their “rehabilitation back into the wild” – the public donated in excess of $65000 to this purported “mission” being run by Rebecca Rodriguez, Alycia Barlow and Poo Holmes via GoFundMe, Change and Care2.  An entire year has passed since Rodriguez raked in the donations for her various, alleged “projects” and her “mission” to help the “Animals of Indonesia”!!  $65000 in her bank account, yet not 1 animal helped.  Explain that!

Lies, deception, misinformation, dishonesty, corruption, idiocy and fraud!

Well, where is it? 

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