P Holmes : Bully, cyber-stalker, harasser, intimidator, terrorististic and liar?! Simply Diabolical!

P Holmes (Poo Holmes, P Ooi Holmes, Pohyee Ooi Holmes, Pohyee Holmes, Poop Holmes) of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


has been stalking, cyber-stalking, harassing and using terroristic tactics to highly slander and defame Cee4Life and Cee4Life founder, Sybelle Foxcroft and her friends Celia Athumani, Briony Wolf, Linda Talmage and Paula McKenzie Mu’nin for over a year!!!!

If they are legitimate, honest “animal advocates” why is there no public accounting / scrutiny of their multiple fundraisers?????? In fact, where is proof of their “helping” any animal anywhere in the world that isn’t from behind a computer screen?  Or they can profit from?  Or they can turn into a video for their own YouTube Channel.  And profit from it????

And inciting, encouraging and enjoying major abuse, harassment and mockery from Holmes and Rodriguez’s “lovely friends” on Facebook and other social media!


Who is Ranon Niven?  Besties with Rebecca Rodriguez and P Holmes!  Lovely chap!!

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She has used her Change.org petition asking President Joko Widodo of Indonesia to shut down Bandung Zoo, rated #14 out of #61 zoos, as her putrid, psychological toilet with outlandish and psychotic rantings containing the most disgusting, vile, slanderous allegations on an official petition!

Poo Holmes’ claims she is an expert on world-wide animals and specifically, Tigers and Sun Bears of Indonesia and uses Wikipedia and Google (and some unsuspecting members of the public’s private posts on Instagram and Twitter) to further her nightmare agenda of hatred and dishonesty, while claiming to “love animals” as the reason she is “so concerned” for the “animals of Bandung Zoo”!  Interestingly, Holmes’ teammate Rebecca A. Rodriguez of One Animal World raised $65000 for these alleged starving and suffering animals but both did NOTHING to help them!  Supposedly they cried over the plight of the animals!  And they are “animal advocates, fighting for animals”?  Yeah right!  They only love animals when they are exploiting some for money in 1 of their illegal and dishonest fundraisers and dishonest petitions!

Poo Holmes has never set foot in Bandung.  She has never visited Bandung Zoo.  Let’s be brutally honest, Poo Holmes has no credentials.  She has no qualifications.  She is not a wildlife expert despite her hours, days, weeks and months trawling through anything she can find on the www regarding wildlife.  If Holmes was serious about being an authority on animals as she claims, she would have attended University and studied zoology or veterinary medicine.  Having zero qualifications, never visited Indonesia, she like her associate and best friend Rebecca Rodriguez have that in common, but they still insist they are authorities on the animals of Indonesia, have formed a watchdog group to scrutinize Bandung Zoo and  other qualified professionals in the field.  If you’re a 0 don’t try and pretend you’re a 10.  Because you ain’t!

Poo Holmes and Rebecca Rodriguez of One Animal World are outrageous bullies, racists, serial cyber-stalkers and harassers of the first order.  They have created multiple hate pages on Facebook, eBlogger, social media and via various domain names but constantly claiming they are “innocent targets”! Oh puhlease! 

They have spent an inordinate amount of time and money stalking anyone who has questioned their highly slanderous petitions and 100% fraudulent GoFundMe fundraising campaign, making international telephone calls to verify educational qualifications, employment history, charity information, locations, identities and have even called wildlife experts who have worked with Cee4Life on numerous occasions.  One would think they need to reserve all their energy on all their supposed”animal work” they do “around the world!” Oh wait, that’s maybe only after taking multiple, international holidays all over the world – Bali, Greece, Italy, Germany, Indonesia, Puerto Rico using funds from fundraisers!  Yeah, too busy to help animals in real time in the real world!

Rebecca Rodriguez fugly croppedof One Animal World aka Animal House aka Animal House International aka Animal Time TV even illegally paid for and registered the domain names and business names of the individuals who have done nothing but ask poignant and probing questions (which have never been answered in over 15 months!!!) about her supposed “mission” and supposed “fundraiser” for the supposed “starving Sun Bears of Bandung Zoo”, which actions she desperately tried to conceal and linked them to her hate eBlogger site in an act of criminality and desperation.  This is a FEDERAL OFFENCE – criminal online impersonation!  They need to be held criminally accountable for their actions!

Rodriguez and Holmes also set up a fake Bandung Zoo page in their agenda of purposeful, targeted harassment of Bandung Zoo and Cee4Life.  If Bandung Zoo is legitimately the house of horrors they constantly allege, why would they even need to bolster these claims and create a FAKE page of the zoo, joining it with Surabaya Zoo?  You simply can’t make this up.  So dishonest, unethical, fraudulent, manipulative and immoral.  Disgusting!!!

fake bz page

These 2 vile people have committed multiple, international crimes yet constantly cry “victim”.  These individuals are definitely not victims.  They are not honest.  They don’t know a thing about animals and are not qualified, experts on wildlife and most certainly not qualified, experts on world-wide animal issues, despite their delusional claims to the contrary!

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