Pressure campaigns work! Rodriguez and Holmes forced to do the right thing thanks to our scrutiny!

Pressure campaigns definitely work.  We managed to finally get Rebecca Rodriguez of One Animal World (aka Animal Time aka Animal Time LLC aka Animal Time TV aka Animal House) to send 200 (English) books to Indonesia-based anti-wildlife trafficking group, Scorpion Wildlife Trade Monitoring Group for their “reading house” in Sumatra.  
rebecca providing funding for the reading house in aceh
Thanks to our on-going scrutiny and pressure campaign, Rodriguez donated $2700 directly to Scorpion Wildlife Trade Monitoring Group (who weren’t even named beneficiaries in the campaign) as a way to thank them for being able to utilize the sting video of the “starving Sun Bears of Bandung Zoo” in her GoFundMe fundraising campaign – money which was utilized for the construction of a “reading house” (stick house) in the remote jungles of Sumatra.  Rodriguez then spent another approximately $250 of $65 000 raised in her fundraiser on a “worthwhile” animal-related mission. 
That is, she spent $250 on sending 200 English books into a remote location where numerous Indonesian dialects are spoken.  We wonder how much Rodriguez is spending on translators to decipher and translate the English books since English is not read, written, spoken or understood in Sumatra?
So pressure campaigns definitely work. Even if things materialize almost a year later!  GoFundMe campaign closed December 2017.  Books received July 2018.  At least we know Rodriguez spent approximately $3 000 of $65 000 on the “Indonesia mission” she wrote of.  English books sent to Sumatra where English is not spoken or understood!
How much of the donated $65 000 was spent on helping any animals?  None!
How much was spent of $65 000 raised on any legitimate, named beneficiary of the campaign? None!
How much was spent on any practical, worthwhile mission in Indonesia?  None!
Furthermore, how many books were of any use whatsoever since they cannot be understood by locals? None!
Confusingly, Rebecca A. Rodriguez of One Animal World is still soliciting donations for the already completed “reading house” in Sumatra under “current projects”!  The reading house was built in around July 2017.  The construction is complete.  Highly dishonest and misleading! Completely fraudulent!
reading house still up on 2 november via one animal world

November 2018 – Over a year ago this project was completed.  Why is Rodriguez STILL FUNDRAISING for the reading house in Sumatra?

Expert team! We believe you!

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