Modus operandi used by Rebecca A. Rodriguez, P Ooi Holmes, Alycia Barlow + Tracey Kleber

How to insert yourself into “animal-related” situations and profit from it.  With a side note.  Everything you read on social media and the internet is 100% legitimate and gospel!

Commonly referred to as “modus operandi” a Latin phrase that is used by Law Enforcement Agencies across the world.  A modus operandi is someone’s habits of working, particularly in the context of business or criminal investigations, but also more generally.

  1. Visit a shelter.  Take your camera.  Oh and don’t forget to ask for money….. for that shelter…… to be paid directly to yourself and especially for a shelter who raised $150 000 last financial tax year!

  2. gfm barks of hope 3 with highlighted portion.jpg

  3. Volunteer at a spay/neuter event.  Take your camera.

  4. Visit an animal sanctuary.  Take your camera.rebecca alycia at sanctuary

  5. Visit an illegal wildlife market.  “Procure” 2 endangered but highly diseased Otters, take them to the hotel and shower with them.  one animal world 2 otters living in hell with video by animal house

  6. Take your camera and turn it into a movie about how their lives have improved, thanks to your “rescue”.  The otters died a few days later.  Yep are the qualified, educated professionals of animals world-wide.  Didn’t you know????rr 2 otters by lucky head films living in hell and then this happened

  7. Volunteer to pick up trash.  Take your camera.  RR WINE BOTTLE.JPG

  8. Foster a dog.  Take your camera. Oh and ask for donations to foster them! one animal world donate to help rr foster puppies

  9. Transport pea-hen from point A to point B.  Take your camera.

Use titles to impress the unsuspecting public. Wow!  I mean whoah!!! I’m impressed!!!!



Critically-acclaimed, independent filmmaker

Lead Advocate

Fighting for Animals

Animal warrior

Animal hero

Then using your photos/videos, and of course, those of others from 4 years ago, upload to social media like Facebook, YouTube etc.

Create a petition using your own and others imagery without their permission from 4 years ago but hey, who’s counting or paying attention?  The worse the better.

Create a fundraiser using your own and others imagery.  The worse the better.  Find “related” content to bolster your own claims eg other news articles even if the content is several years old.  Write the most highly emotive “descriptions” of what is “occurring”.  Utilize key words that illicit an emotional response eg “starving” “prisoner” “held captive” “no vet on-site” “nightmare” “overcrowding” “animals dying” “brutalized” “starving” “eating their feces”.

rr is still utilizing scorpions video of starving sun bears

Then sit back and watch the money pour in….. which mysteriously disappears towards the end of the fundraiser.  Awesome!  Sorry, those animals you thought you were donating to help?  Well, they never got any help or received 1 dime! 

Rebecca A. Rodriguez of One Animal World (now mainly Animal Time, Animal Time LLC or Animal Time TV) thanks you! ❤  No really!  Thanks!

You helped an animal somewhere in the world, didn’t you know?  Don’t follow up with the zoo owners whose animals were used in the fundraiser – the animals who were promised “new enclosures” or “upgrades” or “enrichment” – because it never happened.  Those animals got zero, nothing, no donations, no help whatsoever!

gofundme 1 campaign for sun bears

And then the crowning glory from the expert Rebecca A. Rodriguez, rabble rouser for animals and errrrrr, she’s the qualified, wildlife expert, sends 200 English books to an area in Sumatra whose people cannot read/speak English!  How meaningful and helpful! Job well done!  I’m sure they will enjoy the pretty pictures!  Thanks!

Pretty amazing this world-wide animal expert and her errrr, expert team members!

Oh, and someone called Rebecca A. Rodriguez and her co-conspirator Poop Holmes a “bad word”! Ahhh, how inhumane and awful!  What terrible people they must be!  Rodriguez and Holmes would never say a swear word!  Ahh,,,, errrr…….


And didn’t you know, Rodriguez and Holmes – the 2 qualified, wildlife experts of the world (you better believe it because if you write it on social media and the www it MUST be true) are AGAINST ALL ZOOS and they MUST BE SHUT DOWN and all animals removed to sanctuaries somewhere in the world despite the extreme shortage of animal sanctuaries across the globe, because they demand it!  And THEY are the authority on Zoos and all animals in the world!  Oh, and don’t forget Cee4Life and Cee4Life supporters are “PRO ZOO” and disgustingly, exploit animals for money!

rr and poo trashing sybelle saying she is a fraud who exploits animals and poo pretending

Errrrr, Dr Dan Allen, Rebecca Rodriguez’s “expert team member” is himself not opposed to Zoos!  Now is that not a conflict of interest?  Because ALL Zoos on Earth “exploit animals for money and are disgusting”!  Ooooops.  Hmmmm!  Errrrr, shhhhh!  Yep professional idiots!


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